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Top 47 Apps Similar to XPOSED IMEI Changer

IMEI Generator (100% Free ✅) 6.2
★ IMEI Generator is a VERY Powerful IMEI Tweaking Tool ★ThisAppDoes Not Repeat Generated IMEIs, all IMEIs generated are Unique,NoDuplicate.Generated IMEIs are ordered for easy use.Some ofitsfunctions include:1. IMEI Generator✅ (it generates 300ThousandIMEI from a Single Tap)2. MTK Engineering✅3. Check IMEI 📵4. RootChecker ✅5. Analyzing IMEI ✅6. Android Settings✅7.SamsungSettings✅✔ Check IMEI is used to check if the IMEI yousupplied hasbeen Reported Stolen, Lost or Blocked. This is a VERYUSEFUL toolto avoid buying or using phones with reported IMEIs. ✔Root Checkerthis Checks if your device is has been ROOTED in lessthan 2SECONDS! No hassle, no drama. Just What You Need!✔ MTKEngineeringcan only be used with Phones that employ the Use of MTKChip ONLY.With MTK Engineering you can CHANGE YOUR IMEI or donumerous deviceconfigurations, but be careful with this option toavoid damagingyour Phone.✔ Android Settings will open a hiddenSettings Menu onyour Phone Where you can get information such as-PhoneInformation- Battery Information (power plug, batterylevel,battery scale, battery temperature and so on)- UsageStatistics-Wi-Fi Information✔ Samsung Settings can ONLY be used ifyou use aSAMSUNG Device. It will open a secret menu on your phonewhere youcan further customize your phone.✔ The ‘PHONE IMEI’ tabcontains alist IMEIs for different phones (including 2017 latestphones). Andguess what? You can generate up to 300 thousand IMEIsfrom a singletap, do you know the best part? wait for it...This AppDoes NotRepeat Generated IMEIs, all IMEIs generated are Unique,NoDuplicate.Generated IMEIs are ordered for easy use.I know youmustbe thinking "This is Super Cool" HOW TO USE- Pick a phone ofyourchoice from the list - Pick the quantity you want togenerateexample 15, 100, 200, 200,000 and so on.- Tap ‘Generate’button -Like ‘Clock Work’ the IMEI of the Phone you selected andtheQuantity will be generated instantly.✔ The ‘GENERATOR’ tab isasupplement to PHONE IMEI tab. In this tab you can enteranyArbitrary IMEI (between 8 – 12 digits) and it will generatethecomplete IMEI.HOW TO USE- Input between 8 – 12 digits- Pickthequantity you want to generate example 15, 100, 200,200,000,300,000 and so on.- Tap ‘Generate’ button - Like ‘ClockWork’ theIMEI and the Quantity will be generated instantly.✔ The‘ANALYZER’tab can be used to get your IMEI information, it can alsocheck ifan IMEI is valid or Not.✔ SHARE, COPY, SAVE or SCREENSHOTyourgenerated IMEIs.This App is very easy to use coupled, lockedandloaded with USEFUL features and has very friendlyuserinterface.This is simply the Check IMEI, IMEI Generator,MTKEngineering, Root Checker, Samsung Settings, Android Setting,IMEIAnalyzing tool out here!Are you still Reading? stop andDOWNLOADNOW! 😅If you found this Tool Useful, don't forget to- LEAVEAREVIEW- Recommend it to Others- Say Something Nice ❤️everyonelikes a compliment😜![email protected]
Phone INFO ★Samsung★
★★★ Written specifically for SAMSUNG phones ★★★Have you everwantedto know the Country of Origin behind the label 'MADE BYSAMSUNG'?When the phone was manufactured? How frequently the phonewas used?How many times it has been connected to the Charger? Doyou want toknow the Knox Warranty Void status without entering tothe ODINDownload Mode?... Then this app is for you.☆Supportmulti-language: العربية, Azərbaycanca, Deutsch, English,Español,فارسی, Français, Magyar, Italiano, עברית, 日本語, Polski,Português,Română, Русский, Shqip, Српски, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,繁體中文,简体中文.Please help to translate into your nativelanguage:☆LikeFacebook page:☆JoinFacebook group:☆XDAthread:★SecretCodes: List all of Samsung secret codes (HiddenMenu) onyourdevice. Note: You may need ROOT to launch secret codes (use'Launch0' method).★ Firmware Browser: Browse for the stockfirmwaresavailable online, for your phone and for any other Samsungmodel.★Other Tools:- CSC Changer: Change the CSC. This toolrequires root+ multi-CSC stock firmware.- CSC Verifier: It isSamsung built-intool. Requires root + stock firmware.- ServiceModeMAIN MENU: It isSamsung built-in tool. Requires root + stockfirmware.- S/NAnalyzer: Obtain information about Country of OriginandManufacturing Date from Samsung serial number. You can enterserialnumber from ANY Samsung phone (including OLD phone, FEATUREphoneand NON-SMART phone).- IMEI Analyzer: Check the IMEI forthevalidity by calculating the Check Digit (according toLuhnalgorithm).★ Refurbishment Check★ CSC Code Lookup (CSC -ConsumerSoftware Customization, aka Sales Code, or Region Code)★MainFeatures: Displays the following information about yourphone.▪GENERAL INFO:- Manufacturer / Brand- Phone Model /Commercial ModelName- Device Type- Product Name- Country of Origin-ManufacturingDate- Knox Warranty Void- Colour / Internal Storage▪CSC INFO:-Product Code- Original CSC Code- Firmware's CSC Code-Active CSCCode- Available CSC Codes- CSC Country- Mobile Operator▪FIRMWAREINFO:- Bootloader Version- PDA Version- CSC Version-BasebandVersion- Latest Firmware- Firmware Update History- KernelVersion /Architecture (32/64-bit)- Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik orART)▪ OSINFO:- Root Existence- Android Version- Build Number-BuildFingerprint- Build Description- Build Date- Changelist▪HARDWAREINFO:- Hardware / Board (CPU 32/64-bit)- Platform / Chip-GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)- Modem Board- Hardware Revision-TotalRAM- Screen (physical size in inches, resolution in pixels,densityin dpi and ppi)- Sound Card- Camera- WiFi Chip- Sensors-Battery(technology, capacity in mAh, health)▪ DEVICE ID:- IMEI(supportdual SIM)- Android Serial Number- Samsung Serial Number▪USAGEHISTORY:- Headset Connect Counter- Charger Connect Counter- SPenDetach Counter- Battery Discharge Cycles- Battery Health▪MONITOR:-CPU/Battery/Ambient temperatures- CPU/Memory usages-Batteryvoltage/level- Signal strength NOTE: This app works properlywithStock Firmware. On Custom ROM some info may not showcorrectly.☆☆☆Ability to Remove Ads and Export info to the SD Card(Plus versiononly) ☆☆☆ABOUT PERMISSIONS:- Location access: Thispermission isrequired to read the Signal Strength (in the MONITORtab). It isjust an approximate location (coarse location,network-based), nota GPS location.- Camera: This permission isrequired to read theinfo about camera (in the HARDWARE tab).
Device ID
Simple app to get your Device Info/ID/local IP/MAC addresses&Serial that allow you easily copy and share the ID of yourmobiledevice. An ideal tool for developers, customer supportanduser.NOTE: this app doesn't send your ID to the internet soyourinformation is safe.For paranoid users, you can get DeviceIDwithout any network permissionat: Local IP Address and MAC address.Supported :GoogleServicesFramework Key IDAndroid IDIMEISubscriber ID (IMSI)SIMCardSerialWiFi MAC AddressEthernet MAC AddressBluetoothMACAddressBluetooth Paired MAC AddressHardware SerialDeviceBuildFingerprintPlease leave some suggestion.PermissionExplanation:INTERNET is used to get your local IP addressBLUETOOTHis used toget your Bluetooth MAC addressREAD_PHONE_STATE is used toget yourIMEI, IMSI and SIM SerialACCESS_WIFI_STATE andACCESS_NETWORK_STATEis used to get your MAC addressREAD_GSERVICESis used to get yourGoogle Services Framework IDYou are allowed todisable thepermission using root app such as Permission Manager ifyou areparanoid---------For user that wanted to get both SIM SerialinDUAL SIM Phone, The default SDK does not have support tohandledual SIM phones. The function will only return one number,mostlikely from the first active SIM card.---------Links :Facebook: Testing Group: :Instead of rating1or 2 star,please email to [email protected] or leave a commentsothat we can fix or improve it.
[ROOT] X Privacy Installer
This application will help you to install XPrivacy, theultimate,yet easy to use, privacy manager.✦ ✦ ✦ Root required ✦ ✦✦If youdon't have the Xposed framework installed already, theinstallerwill help you to install this framework, since it isrequired torun XPrivacy.Android 5.x Lollipop devices: you will needto installXposed for Lollipop manuallySee here for installationinstructions:, pleasegohere: applications from leaking privacy sensitive databyrestricting the categories of data an application canaccess.XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all. Itcanrestrict several data categories, such as contacts or location.Forexample, if you restrict an application's access to contacts,thatapplication will receive an empty contacts list.Similarly,restricting an application's access to your location willsend afake location to that application.XPrivacy doesn't revoke orblockpermissions from an application, so most applications willcontinueto work as before and won't force close (crash).Read moreaboutXPrivacy here:
IMEI Analyzer
IMEI Analyzer is a powerful tool for IMEI Analyzing, IMEICheckingand IMEI Calculating.- IMEI Checking:Check whether thegiven IMEI(15-digit number) is valid or not by calculating theCheck Digit(using Luhn algorithm) and then comparing with the CheckDigit ofthe given IMEI. There is also the option that allow you tofetchdata (Brand and Phone Model) from the IMEI Calculating:You can enter the IMEIwithout theCheck Digit (only 14 digits) and this app will calculatethe CheckDigit by using Luhn algorithm.- IMEI Analyzing:Breakdownthe IMEIinto the following parts:• Type Allocation Code (TAC)•ReportingBody Identifier (RBI)• Mobile Equipment Type Identifier•FinalAssembly Code (FAC)• Serial Number• Check DigitMore infoaboutIMEI:IMEI stands for International Mobile StationEquipmentIdentity. The full IMEI number is 15 digits in length. Youcanobtain the IMEI by open the phone's dialpad and enter *#06*. Oryoucan see it in the label on the back of the phone, behindthebattery.
Chamelephon devices are now on pre-order stage. Reserveyourstoday: simpleapplets you change the IMEI on your Chamelephon.We are putting itonthe store, so users with Mediatek devices with root access canuseit as well for free.*Works best on Chamelephondevices**ROOTREQUIRED**Mediatek 65XX devices supported only*
Device ID & SIM Info
This is the simplest App to get your Device ID & SIMCardinformation and share with your friends or on your email forfutureuse and it is very useful tool for both users &developers.MAINFEATURES:- Provide Device information includingdifferent types ofIDs and serial numbers.- Provides SIM Cardinformation withoperator name, code.- Gives network informationwith type of thenetwork.- Store multiple devices in the app thatsync with securecloud server.- Find out the lost device informationsuch as IMEInumber or device ID easily by login to your accountfrom any otherdevice using this app.- Very useful app when you havemultipledevices info to store at one place.User can copy andsharewhichever information they want to check that is requiredforpersonal use.NOTES:- This is advertisement supporting versionandrequires INTERNET permission. Your information will be safe inthisapp.- As there are too many devices available today, it mightnotwork perfectly on everyone's device, but we are working hard togetit work on most of them. If you have any problem with your phoneortablet, please contact us freely anytime and we will try tofixyour problem very soon in the next version.
Official TWRP App
TWRP - Team Win Recovery ProjectOfficial app developed by TeamWinfor TWRP. Use the app to alert you when new TWRP versionsarereleased for your device. When a new version is available,downloadit using the app and install it (root users only) withoutrebootingto recovery.You can find a brief guide and more detailsabout theapp here: Official TWRP App doesnot requireroot to perform version checking, however, additionalfeatures areavailable such as image flashing if you grantrootpermissions.Currently the app is only able to flash imagesfrominternal storage. We will add the ability to use additionalstoragelocations very soon!We will be developing additionalfeatures inthe near future, so check back often!Please do not askus to addTWRP support for your device. We simply do not have accessto allof the devices or the developer resource to port your deviceforyou. You can port your owndevicehere:
SIM Card
Get information about SIM card(s) in your device.Applicationsupports dual SIM phones if your have device withAndroid 5.1 orlater.You can also access contacts stored on SIMcard. Feature tobrowser SIM contacts on dual SIM phones supportsonly first SIMcontacts. Easily export your contacts to CSV file tobackup thedata.For the first SIM Card installed in phone you willget fulllist of parameters. If you have Dual SIM phone you willgetinformation about subset of parameters.List ofsupportedparameters:- SIM card state- SIM card serial number(ICCID)- SIMcard country ISO- SIM card operator code- SIM cardoperator name-SIM IMSI- Phone number- Phone type- Voice mail textID- Voice mailnumber- Phone type- Device IMEI- Device MEID or ESN-Networkcountry ISO- Network operator code- Network operator name-Networktype- Voice roaming- Data roamingPermission READ_PHONE_STATEisrequired to get information about SIM card.PermissionREAD_CONTACTS is required to get contacts stored on SIMcard.Thisis adware version and requires INTERNET permission.
Check IMEI
Check IMEI connects with official IMEI databases, giving answersinseconds and with 100% reliability.Do not risk yourinvestment,check if your new acquisition is properly homologated(applies forthe country of Ecuador) and free of reports, you havedoubts aboutthe origin of the IMEI of the equipment?Consultofficial databases,gain exclusive access to the GSMA database (GSMAssociation) whichcurrently has more than 800 mobile operators(Movistar, Claro, ATT,T-MOBILE, etc.) as global partners and 200companies Similar, withthe most complete IMEI database in theworld.Also access theofficial IMEI databases, so that they do notre-sell a phonereported in another country as new.Save a historywith the queriesand share the IMEI consulted with your friends.
SIM Tool Manager
★★★★★Very Easy and Fast to ↓↓↓View SIM Card Information.ViewPhoneInformation.Import and Export Phone number.Delete or Add newPhonenumber.Multi Delete Phone number.Sent message or make a callfromthis app.Copy number and text into clipboard.Manage Simcontactnumber.Back up SIM phone number into Sdcard.Import phonenumberfrom Sdcard to your Sim card.Export phone number from simcard toPhoneBook.Import phone number from PhoneBook to sim card.Addnewphone number into Sim card.SIM CARD INFORMATION:Sim cardstatus.Simoperator.Sim country location.Sim operator code.Networktype.dBmlevel monitoring - RemovedASU level monitoring -RemovedSignalstrength monitoring - RemovedSim serialnumber.SubcriberID/IMSI.Voice mail number.Active Roaming. YES orNO.SMS capablesupport YES or NO.Voice capable support YES or NO.Inthe SIM Info,now posible to save and share sim details to somepeople!PHONEINFORMATION:Phone number. (now posible to add manualyphone numberif your phone number is not visible!)Phone type. (typeof yourphone)Model. (model of your phone)IMEI number.Serialnumber.(serial number of your phone)In the Phone Info, now posibleto saveand share phone details to some people.If you have anyquestions,feel free to contact us at [email protected]
SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future;!!!SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!SuperSU allows foradvancedmanagement of Superuser access rights for all the apps onyourdevice that need root. SuperSU has been built from the groundup tocounter a number of problems with other Superuser accessmanagementtools.Features include:- Superuser access prompt-Superuser accesslogging- Superuser access notifications- Per-appnotificationconfiguration- Temporary unroot- Deep process detection(no moreunknowns)- Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)- WorkswhenAndroid isn't properly booted- Works with non-standardshelllocations- Always runs in ghost mode- Wake on prompt- Convertto/system app- Complete unroot- Backup script to surviveCyanogenModnightlies- Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible-Themeselectable from 4 options- Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#*or*#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)NOTE: Not all phones takebothcodes. On some phones you need to use single *# instead ofdouble*#*#The Pro version additionally offers:- OTA survival mode(noguarantees)- Full color-coded command contentlogging(input/output/error)- Per-app logging configuration- Per-appuseroverride- Grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time-PINprotection- Per-app PIN protection- Adjustauto-denycountdownSUPERUSERThis is meant to replace Superuser(ifinstalled), you use either one or the other. You cannotcombinethem. Statements that this breaks Superuser arethereforecompletely nonsensical.NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE ISNEEDED FORUNINSTALLATION. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUSTUNINSTALLIT, YOU *WILL* LOSE ROOT.Superuser access management runsthrough aso called "su binary". There can be only one of these at atime. Soif you install SuperSU, your previous superuser accessmanagementsolution will no longer operate. So if you want to switchback: (1)Open that application, and search for an option for ittoinstall/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-usingappsare using the superuser solution you want. (3)UninstallSuperSU.IN-APP PURCHASESThese are completely optional andmore likedonations. They do not unlock any functionality.Contactus:Website:
GalaxSim Unlock
Easily sim unlock your Samsung Galaxy family smartphone/tablet(S,S2, S3, some S4, Tab, Tab2, Note, Note2...) so you can useanyother network operator.No need for unlock code on most devices:assimple as one button click, and you can change your carriersimcard !GalaxSim Unlock is the only app that can instantlyandsuccessfully unlock new Galaxy devices. Even with recent ICS orJBroms update, your GS2, GS3, GS4 or Note2 won’t relockafterreboot.Major functions:★ Sim Unlock your phone (in-apppayment)★Backup and Restore EFS data, keep it safe on your email orDriveaccount (free)★ Get detailed information about your nv/lockstate*Please note that due to different hardware, many LTE/4Gdevicesaren’t supported yet. On some SGS3, SGS4 and Note2, a recentromupdate brings a new lock system that can't be unlocked yet.Don'tleave bad feedback, we’re working on it, but that’s acomplexprocess that requires time and access to lockeddevices!*Features:✔ Unsimlock / unbrand your phone✔ Persists evenafterreset / flash / wipe / unroot✔ Supports any rooted rom(Samsungstock, aosp, aokp, cm10, cm11...)✔ Supports internationalGS4GT-I9500/I9505, GS3 GT-I9300, Note2 GT-N7100✔ Supports otherGalaxyfamily devices (S, S2, Tab, Note and their variants)✔Supportsdevices previously unlocked with "voodoo unlock" or "galaxysunlock"✔ Detects errors like lost imei / serial in nv_datacausedby third party apps✔ Gives detailed information about currentlocksstatus (locked, unlocked or "partially locked")✔ Automaticandmanual efs backup (should guarantee a safe use), restore itondemand✔ Supports more Galaxy devices soonEasy to use:• Be sureyourrom is rooted (tutorial links included for major devices)(youcanunroot once unlocked)• Click on "unlock" button• RebootNotes:•Ifother carriers' sim cards are still refused after asuccessfullunlock, your phone might be "hardlocked" by yourcarrier, read FAQfor workarounds (only seen on Telcel and Claro sofar).• Freedownload and in-app billing to unlock so that you decideto pay ifyour device can really be unlocked, not before. Thebackup/restorefeature is free and will stay free. Price displayedbefore order.Buy once, illimited use. Refund on demand if we can’tunlock yourdevice.• Tested on (full list available in the FAQ): -Galaxy S:GT-I9000 (SGS), GT-I9000, GT-I9003 (Galaxy SL), SGH-I896,SGH-I897(Captivate), SGH-T959 (Vibrant, Fascinate, 4G), SGH-I997(Infuse) -Galaxy S2: GT-I9100 (SGS2), GT-I9100, GT-I9103 (Royal),SGH-I777,SGH-I927 (Glide), SGH-S959G - Galaxy S3: GT-I9300(SGS3),GT-I9300T, GT-I9308 - Galaxy S4: GT-I9500 (SGS4),GT-I9505,GT-I9502, GT-I9508, SCH-I959, SM-C101, SGH-I337, SGH-M919,GT-I9195(S4 Mini) - Galaxy Note: GT-N7000, GT-N7100 (Note2),GT-N7102,GT-N7108, SM-N9005 (Note3), SM-N900T, SM-N900A - GalaxyTab:GT-P1000, GT-P6200, GT-P6800, GT-P7100, GT-P7300, GT-P7500(Tab10.1), SC-01C, SC-02D, SGH-T849, SGH-T859, SGH-T869 - GalaxyTab2:GT-P3100, GT-P5100, GT-P5110 - Misc: Galaxy Camera(EK-GC100),Pocket (GT-S5300, GT-S5302), Y /Pro (GT-S5360, GT-S5363,GT-S5367,GT-S5368, GT-S5369, GT-S6102, GT-B5510, GT-B5512), Pop(GT-S5570I),new Ace (GT-S5830, GT-S5839, GT-S6802), Mini(GT-S5570), Gio(GT-S5660), Fit (GT-S5670), Pro (GT-B7510)...• Thisapp is notaffiliated in any way with Samsung. • Trademarks andmodel nameslisted above are © copyrighted by their respectiveowners.• YOU MAYNOT USE THIS APPLICATION FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.•Promotion videomusic by
Device ID Changer
NOTE This is only ANDROID_ID changer.REQUIRED ☀Your Device mustberooted for using this appFEATURES: ☀This Device ID ChangerAppProvide you facility of changing your phone ANDROID_ID whichisunique for every device. ☀This App backup your originalANDROID_IDwhich can be restored again when you need. ☀By this Appyou canfill random id with only one click.ANDROID_IDA 64-bit number(as ahex string) that is randomly generated when the user firstsets upthe device and should remain constant for the lifetime oftheuser's device but it can be change by factory reset of phone.Whenwe factory reset phone every time ID change. By this app wecanchange ANDROID_ID without reset phone because when we resetphoneour phone data may lost. By this app our data is safe and wecaneasily reset ANDROID_ID.
BuildProp Editor
Easily edit your build.prop or any other properties file onyourAndroid device. BuildProp Editor comes with an intelligentcodeeditor with syntax-highlighting for multiple languages. Enjoyabeautiful and friendly user interface that closely followsmaterialdesign guidelines.☆ The top ranking build.prop editor onGooglePlay☆ Improve performance and customize your device☆Automaticbackups before making any changes☆ Advanced code editorfor manualeditsWhat should our next app be? Let us know what youthink here: is thebuild.propfile?The “build.prop” file is a system file that existson everyAndroid device. The file contains build information andothersystem properties which are used throughout theoperatingsystem.System properties are string key-value pairs. Youcan createor modify a system property in the build.prop file whichwill beloaded when your device first boots.The file is locatedat/system/build.prop. The build.prop file allows single linecommentsthat start with a ‘#’ character.What is a systemproperty?Systemproperties are small name value pairs managed byAndroid’s propertyservice. All system properties are loaded atboot. You can get thevalue of any system property without rootaccess. You need to haveroot access to modify or create a systemproperty.What are somecommon build.prop tweaks?Some common systempropertiesinclude:☆ro.sf.lcd_density: controls thedevicedensity.☆ro.telephony.call_ring.delay: the number ofmillisecondsbetween ring notifications.☆persist.adb.notify: flag toshow/hidethe ADB debugging notification.☆lockscreen.rot_override:flag toenable/disable rotating the device when the screenislocked---------------------------------------------------Formoreinformation please visit ourwebsite:
ROM Manager
ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over10million downloads and counting!)* Flash your recovery to thelatestand greatest ClockworkMod recovery.* Manage your ROMs via ahandyUI.* Organize and perform backups and restores from withinAndroid!*Install ROMs from your SD card.* Install your favoriteROMs over theair! Premium Version:* Incremental update zips (saveyour dataplan!)* Premium ROMs* Receive notifications for when yourROM isupdated!* Automatic backups* Install Queue* Web Connect*BackupDownload Server lets you easily transfer backups asflashable zipsto your computer.Do you prefer using only recoverymanually? Checkout the Touch Recovery in app purchase, for themost advancedrecovery available!Why does ROM Manager ask foraccountpermissions?Web Connect only needs to access your Googleaccount toconnect it to your google account. It can't access anyprivate dataor passwords.ClockworkMod Touch Recovery:ClockworkModTouch recovery(and recovery) is work that needs to put in forevery new devicethat is released by a manufacturer.If work on ROMManager ceasedcompletely, all the premium features would continueworking withoutissue. However, new recoveries do not port andbuild themselves.Without ClockworkMod Touch being a per devicepurchase, there is noway to recoup recurring server costs andlabor. Keeping ROM Managerfree and operational costs tens ofthousands of dollars a year, andthat does not include engineeringcosts.Your support isappreciated.Troubleshooting:Droid users:Stuck at the "M" logo?Flash an alternate recovery and flash backto ClockworkMod.HTCUsers: Flash recovery not working? Tryfastbooting a recoveryon.Droid X/2/Pro Users: You must run theBootstrap application firstto use ROM Manager.Samsung users: Youmust flash a Clockworkcompatible kernel first (see XDA forums)IFYOU ARE HAVING LICENSEISSUES, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATESTVERSION OF FREE (4.0+) AND THELATEST LICENSE (1.0.8+) INSTALLED!
Phone and SIM Info
Phone and SIM info provides a lot of information about yourmobile,SIM card and network.Your phone information like IMEInumber,PhoneType,Version,API Level, Memory details and more will beavailableto you.SIM card and network details like subscriberid,SIMoperator,SIM serial no,SIM operator name,networkoperator,networktype will be available to you.Any Indian SIMDetails can besearched in this app.Permissions:* Application usescamerapermission to display details about camera in yoursmartphone.*Uses other permissions to display your phone and simspecificationdetails. We won't use these details for any otherpurposes.
Root Master
Root Master app increases Speed, Battery & Stability ofyourandroid device using our strong optimized algorithms.You(user)have to decide which boost is best for you because someUsers needSpeed, some need Battery savings & others needoverallstability. All these modes optimizes Android OS (OperatingSystem),RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit)of yourandroid device. Each & every technical details areexplained indetail.Speed BoostThis mode hibernates most of the CPUdemandingapplications, it tests your RAM & sets RAM VM Heapsize forbetter performance and stability. This mode sets CPUgovernor whichinsures performance boost. Using this mode theprocessing power ofyour processor will be boosted and you will gainmore performanceto play hardware demanding games.Battery BoostIthibernates Batterydemanding applications. It sets CPU governor& RAM VM heap sizeto ensure huge battery savings &improving batterylife.Stability BoostIt hibernates poorlyprogrammed apps to ensure100% functionality of all your apps.Unlikeother RAM Cleaner /Booster apps that always requires constant userinteraction(bynotification/ widget, etc), we never disturb you.After activatingany Boost Mode keep this app installed & startexperiencingyour device's true potential. You never need to CleanRAM &Kill Apps, our algorithm is taking all the care inbackground. Thecomplete process is 100% safe & it also haveauto backup systemso don't worry it never damages your phone. RootMaster app worksbest with rooted android devices. If your androiddevice is rooted,please grant Super User permission to it. If yourphone is notrooted or you are not able to root your phone, this apphelps youto get most out of your device in respect to Performance,Battery& overall Stability.You can even verify this app bytesting thebenchmark score of each boost mode.This app even showsLinuxexecuting code on activating Boost.If you haveanysuggestion/problem/question regarding this app, please mail us,wewill surely help to solve your problem.And if you like thisapp,please rate us 5 stars(🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟), it would help us a lot.
Mobile Tracker for Android
Android Mobile can be Tracked and delete files after itgetlost.About Mobile Tracker Application:Benefits in MobileTrackerfor Android app,* When the Android phone get stolen/lost andWhenthe new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this Mobile TrackerforAndroid app begins and automatically sends SMS from the SIMcardwhich is inserted.* When Android phone got stolen/lost, youcaneven delete files in the phone by sending "DELETE ALL" as SMStoyour mobile number.* You have to store your family/friendsmobilenumbers in the app and the SMS can be sent to those mobilenumbers.The SMS contains the IMEI number of the mobile and serviceproviderdetails of the SIM. The security enhanced by promptingpassword toopen the application.Mobile Tracker for AndroidFeatures:* Deletefiles by sending SMS* Users can see their currentlocation address*Mobile Number Tracker* Application PasswordRecovery* Turn On/offthe app is useful for multiple SIM cardStepsto use:* Step 1:Install Mobile Tracker for Android from GooglePlay.* Step 2: SetUp Password for your secure access.* Step 3: Pick4 Contacts andclick save to store those contact numbers inside thisapp.* Step 4:Accept delete files by sending SMS feature.* Step 5:Goto helpoption and get our support if required.How it works?Aftermobilephone get stolen/lost, and when the new SIM card is insertedin themobile, this app begins and automatically sends SMS from theSIMcard which is inserted. Once the SMS is received, you can makeacomplaint on that number you received SMS from and trackyourmobile.Delete phone memory files by sending SMS.Proceed withthesteps described in the app.Mobile Number Tracker Feature:*Searchany indian mobile number details from this mobile numbertrackerfeature.* Mobile Number Tracker provides completeinformation ofany indian mobile number and service provider.*Mobile NumberLocation can view in mapMy Location Feature:MobileTracker forAndroid Application has feature to display and sharecurrentlocation information.Support:If you requiredanyassistance/guidance, click on support link given in help optionandask your queries. We will help you at theearliest.ImportantNotes:* Mobile Tracker App is password protected.Other personscannot see or use user's information from this app*Mobile TrackerApp uses permission to read the contact and makeuser's to pickindividual contact to store in the application anddisplay pickedcontact numbers when user get in to this app.This Appwon’t use thecontacts for any other purpose* Mobile Tracker Appuses permissionto send SMS automatically when SIM change/passwordrecovery. SMSsend by the application when SIM change/passwordrecovery, willcost you money as per SIM card network plan. This Appwon’t use theinformation in SMS for any other purpose* MobileTracker App usespermission to read phone state, to get the phonenumber of thedevice, current cellular network information and alist of anyPhoneAccounts registered on the device. All theseinformationincluded in automatic SMS.This App won’t use theinformation forany other purpose* Mobile Tracker App usespermission to ReceiveSMS and Read SMS, Which is the used in one ofthe feature of thisapp to delete all the files in memory by receiveand reading theSMS. This App won’t use the SMS information for anyother purpose*Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read/writeinternal andexternal storage, Which is the used to delete all thefiles ininternal and external memory when mobile get lost fromuser. ThisApp won’t use the information's in memory for any otherpurposesand once deleted the memory information's could not berecovered*Mobile Tracker App uses permission to access coarse andfinelocation, which allows an app to access approximate andpreciselocation, to display location in Google map. This App won’tuse thelocation information for any other purpose.
SIM Card Info
SIM Card Info is a quick and simple app that display alltheinformation stored on SIM card of your device. It lets youquicklyaccess information about your device sim cards, networkstatus,device information and the data stored on the primary simcard. Itaims to be clean and simple to use and provides amultitudeinformation on the sim cards of your device.- SIM CardinformationSupports dual and triple sim devices*PhoneNumberVoicemailNumberSerial Number (ICCID)Subscriber Id(IMSI)OperatorNameOperator CodeSIM CountrySoftware Version- SIMNetworkInformationAirplane Mode statusRoaming statusNetworkType(CDMA/LTE/HSPA/GPRS)Network Operator IDNetwork OperatorNameNetworkCountry- Device InformationBrandModelManufactuerCodeNameIMEIHWSerialAndroid VersionAndroid SDK versionKernelversionBuild IDPhoneType- Also supportsReading contacts stored onSIM cardReading SMSstored on SIM CardDetails of the requiredpermissions. They areonly requested as needed :READ_PHONE_STATE =Display general SIMand phone informationREAD_CONTACTS = DisplayContacts on theSIMREAD_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMRECEIVE_SMS =Display SMS onthe SIMRECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMINTERNET =Required byGoogle ADs* Due to the vast amount of android devicessome featuresmight not work on every device, but I am working tohave working100% on every device. For any feedback about SIM cardinfo appplease leave a mail at [email protected]
Sim - Phone Details
This app reads your current Sim Card info, Phone info, SmartWatchdetails, Android TV Info, Cellular Network and androidOSinfo.Android Wear Standalone independent app.Following detailsreadfor any android device...1) Sim Card Infoa) Sim Serial Numberb)SimState 1. Absent 2. Network Locked 3. Pin Required 4. PUKRequired5. Ready 6. Unknown 7. Not Ready 8. Error, permanentlydisabled 9.Error, present but faulty 10. present but not usable dueto carrierrestrictionsc) Sim Country ISOd) Sim Operatore) SimIMSIf) SimRoaming2) Network Infoa) Operator Nameb) Network Type 2G( GPRS,EDGE, CDMA, 1xRTT, IDEN ) 3G ( UMTS, EVDO_0, EVDO_A, HSDPA,HSUPA,HSPA, EVDO_B, EHRPD, HSPAP ) 4G ( LTE )c) Data ConnectionWifi,Mobiled) Country ISOe) Operator ISOf) Cell ID (CID)g) LocationAreaCode (LAC)3: Phone detailsa) IMEI Numberb) Device Type CDMA,GSMc)Screen Sized) RAMe) Screen Resolutionsf) Screen Densityg)Modelh)Boardi) Manufacturerj) Hardwarek) CPU cores, CPU-Zl)Security PatchLevelm) Serialn) Boot Loader4) OS Info Readsa) OSInstalledb) SDKVersionc) Android Versiond) CPU Type5) BatteryInfoa) Healthb)Level c) Power Sourced) Statuse) Technologyf)Voltageg) Temperature
[root] FlashFire
FlashFire is the most advanced on-device firmware flasheravailablefor rooted Android devices. It can flash full firmwarepackagesfrom various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air(OTA) andZIP updates - all while maintaining root, and withoutusing acustom recovery. It also offers full device backup andrestorefunctionalities in several formats. Relevant files can bestored oninternal storage, SD cards, USB connected storage, or caneven bestreamed directly to and from your computer using USBorWi-Fi.FlashFire is the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODINapp,which was a similar solution (using completely differentmethodsunder the hood) exclusively for Samsung devices on olderAndroidversions.FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, itshouldbe used with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and evenhard-bricksare possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are anexpert user,consult FlashFire's website and the XDA discussionthread beforedoing anything potentially destructive.Note: currentlyallfunctionality is unlocked without purchasing Pro. This maychangein the future!Website:
Root Checker 6.2.9
Verify proper root (superuser or su) access is configuredandworking using Root Checker! Free, fast, easy, and used on over10million Android devices, Root Checker shows the user whether ornotroot (superuser) access is properly installed and working.Thisapplication provides even the newest Android user with asimplemethod to check their device for root (administrator,superuser, orsu) access. The application provides a very simpleuser interfacethat easily notifies the user whether or not theyhave properlysetup root (superuser) access.*Feel free to email mewith anyquestions. I always reply!*This application will test thedevicefor root (superuser) access using a very simple, quick,andreliable method that has been successful for over 10millionAndroid devices. The su binary is the most common binaryused onAndroid devices to grant and manage root (superuser) access.RootChecker will check and verify that the su binary is located inastandard location on the device. In addition, Root Checkerwillverify that the su binary is properly functioning in grantingroot(superuser) access.Many times users experience issues alongthepath of installing, configuring, and gaining root access. Forsomeusers the process can seem complex while for others the processcanseem simple. Regardless of the user's technical skill set,RootChecker, will quickly and correctly verify whether or notrootaccess is 100% functioning. The process of confirming rootaccessis sometimes known by other terms such as, gaining superuseraccessor gaining administrator access. Root Checker covers alltheseterms as they relate to one core function, being able toexecutecommands through the su binary with root access.If theSuperusermanagement applications (SuperSU, Superuser, etc.) areinstalledand working properly, these applications will prompt theuser toaccept or deny the root access request from Root Checker.Acceptingthe request will allow Root Checker to check for andconfirm rootaccess. Denying the request will result in Root Checkerreportingno root access.Please don't leave negative feedback aboutaconcern, bug or issue! Instead, please email me, tweet me,contactme on my web site -, IRC, or ontheforums (XDA, RootzWiki, SDX, etc.) with your feedback,suggestionsand comments!FacebookAdChoices: do my best toassist as manypeople as possible and appreciate all the supportthat has madethis application successful! Thank you!
Sim Details and Location
SIM Details : Operator name, SIM Status, SIM IMSI,RoamingInformation, Mobile Data Status, Country ISO.Network Info:NetworkProvider, Network Type 2G, 3G, LTE Etc, Operator ID,DataState.Device Details: IMEI Number, Device Type GSM/CDMA,ModelName, Manufacturer, Brand, Hardware Info.Operating SystemInfo: OSName like Jellybean, Kit Kat, SDK Version, Android Version,BinaryType* Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXX Series* IncludesVideoconnumbers, Landline Numbers and Tollfree Numbers* NoInternetconnection required, Works offline as well.* Locate phonenumberarea and state.* Shows Caller Information during the call.*STDCode of all Cities in India* ISD Codes of all Countriesinworld.Smart Call Logs: Call logs with fine detail of everycalllike Location of call, SIM service service provider nameetc.SmartContacts: Contacts with detail like Geographical area ofServiceProvider, Location etc.
Kernel Toolkit
** Any bug reports, or feature suggestions? Check out mysupportthread onXDA: me** GPU settings have moved from CPU to MISC group.Anybackups including GPU settings will be automaticallyconverted.**App is ready to be translated to other languages. Ifyou'd like tosee the app in your native language, please contact mevia email oron XDA. If you're willing to do the translations (veryfast andsimple process) I should have it ready within 24 hoursofcompletion.Kernel Toolkit allows you to get the most out ofyourrooted device. Take full control of your device andincreaseperformance and battery life.The purpose of this app is tomaketuning your kernel easy and simple to understand. Alwayslooking toadd new features, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact mewith afeature request. Kernel Toolkit ProUnlocker: stats- Time in cpu states with custom references-Adjust cpusettings: - Cpu governor - Cpu governor parametercontrol - I/Oscheduler - I/O scheduler parameters - Read aheadbuffer -Enabled/disable system executables including Mpdecision,Pnpmgr -Intelliplug settings - Voltage table control / globaladjustment -Apply settings on boot - USB fast charge toggle -Screen wakecontrol- Help informationPro Features:- Profilemanager, create /share / reapply profiles of settings easily. -Minfree (Low memorybehavior) control- Screen color control-Multicore power savings-TCP congestion- Vibration control- SoundcontrolThe app will run onany device, but can only apply changeson a rooteddevice.Permissions:- Receive boot to apply settings atboot-Read/Write to storage to import/export profiles- Vibrationforhaptic feedback after applying vibration* Supports alldevicesrunning 4.1 Jellybean or later. Due to the nature of thisapp, itcould not be fully tested on all devices and versions ofandroidsince it cannot run on an emulator. If it crashes on yourdevicePLEASE click the report button so I can receive the info Ineed tofix it!* Launcher icon designed by neytireyqa @ xdadevelopers.Thanks!!* This app was developed and fully tested on myHTC one m8GPE running 5.0.1 Lollipop.Fully tested and compatiblewith thefollowing devices:HTC one m8HTC one m7Nexus 7* I am notresponsiblefor any damage/issues done to your device. I am ofcourse, alwaysavailable for support. Should any issues arise, Iwill try to thebest of my ability to resolve them.* Feature andpromo graphicsfrom Placeit
Thief Tracker
This application is specially design to trace your stolen mobileandcaught your mobile thief. When this application is installedinyour's phone.It will provide you your's phone setIMEINumber,Location of your's Phone set automatically throughSMS.Fantastically, it will send SMS from thethief Mobile SIM whentheyput his SIM in your's Mobile so you will also get the thiefSIMContact Number and further you can extract more informationaboutthe SIM card through Police. To check thisapplicationfunctionality just restart Phone set.
XDA is the first and only app built entirely in-house with ourownAPI to access the famous XDA Forums. istheworld's largest Android forum where you can come to discoverapps,ROMs, root tools, kernels, and more, or you can make somefriendsand just talk about phones. Features:- Fast- Fully materialdesign-Read, write, and reply to threads- Full support forquotes/mention-Light/dark themes- Notification support- Greatsearch toolsEnjoy!
Root Check
Got root or a custom ROM? Root Check will let you know ifyourAndroid is rooted for root access and custom ROM installation.Madewith 100% pure Android love for root users.NOTE: Root Checkdoesnot root your device and does not modify any system files. Thesolepurpose of the app is to check whether or not a device hasrootaccess. It also provides helpful information about root andROMsfor Android.Root Check is a great root checker tool for anyonewhois interested in becoming, or is a root Android user. Itprovides ahelpful root & custom ROM guide, root terminology(learn moreabout fastboot, flash, ROM), frequently asked questions,andeverything you need to get your root journey started. RootCheckwill not root your device, but it will give you expertknowledgeand point you in the right direction.So you have rootaccess...what next? ⚡Root Check provides the most popular root& ROMapps on Google Play. Find the best root apps & ROMtools, andsee your currently installed apps that can providerootfunctionality.With a material design, Root Check is one sexybeastof an app 😉. It is the smartest and fastest root checkeravailable.Don't waste your time on outdated root apps. This is thereal deal;developed by one of the top-rated root developers onGoogle Play,JRummy.⚡What should our next app be? Let us know whatyou thinkhere:⚡Join theJRummy RootCommunity:⚡Join ourBETAprogram to testnewfeatures:⚡Feedback&Suggestions:⚡
IMEI Generator & Phone Specs
The app is in English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Hindi. TheIMEIGENERATOR is a simple app for generating and analyzing IMEIformobile phones. Each IMEI has been tested and confirmed to bereal.With the IMEI GENERATOR, there is no chance of getting a fakeIMEI.There are more than a hundred phones listed and more will beaddedas time goes on. The app is easy to use with no complications.IMEIGENERATOR is brought to you by gibatekpro.Generate multipleIMEI ata go. This app makes it easy to analyze your IMEI to checkif itscorrect. It is also used to check the IMEI of your devicewith justa click.The Phone specifications function of the phoneprovides theusers of this app with basic information of many modelsofdifferent brands of mobile devices.Specificationsinclude:OperatingSystemProcessorNetworkAppearanceDisplayCameraMemoryConnectivitySensorOtherfeatures includedEasy Comparison:This app makes iteasier to comparemultiple devices with its tab function allowingyou to slide througheach device and its specifications withease.The specifications,however, do not include images of thephone due to copyrightconcerns. For complaints or questions,contact the developerdirectly on the email [email protected]:Thisapp has no link whatsoever toany app or website that providessimilar contents. Contents on thisapp have no affiliation with anywebsite.This app DOES NOT load itscontents from any website and iscompletely independent.For anycomplaints, ensure you contact thedeveloper first [email protected] you for your support.
Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)
REQUIRES ROOT (THIS APP WILL NOT ROOT YOUR PHONE)WARNING: I AMNOTRESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE!I DIDN'TMISSPELLADIUTOR !Read the FAQ in the application forfurtherinformations(You are not using any kernel mentioned above?Don'tworry this app will work on any device!)An applicationwhichmanages kernel parameters.It depends on your kernel whichfeaturesyou can use.With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitorthingslike:CPU (Frequency, Governor)I/O SchedulerKernelSamepageMergingLow Memory Killer (Minfreesettings)VirtualMemoryFlash/BackupBuild prop EditorRecovery (Flash,Wipe)Init.deditorSaving Profilesand a lot more... (check it out,keep in mindthat only supported things will appear on yourphone!)Featureswhich aren't supported by your device won't show upin the firstplace.This Application isopensource!! wanttosupportme? for an update? New features every day! Join betatestingnow. about this app? Follow me onTwitter
Root/Su Checker Free [Root]
ATTENTION: THIS APP WILL NOT ROOT YOUR PHONE, IT JUST HELPS YOUTOCHECK ROOT STATUS OF YOUR ANDROID DEVICE!!Root CheckerAdvancedgives you an easy way to know if you have Root (Superuserorsupersu) properly setup and installed in your Android Device.Asidefrom root check, It also lets you check busybox installationandapplets. Root Checker shows you the system paths for bothSuperuserand busybox binaries. All the superuser apps likeKingroot,SuperUser, SuperSu are inherently supported.Get ProVersion at50%off give you an easy explanation of what is Root andwhat isBusybox.The app has been updated with Material design andsupportsRoot and Busybox detection in Android Nougat, Marshmallow,Lollipop,Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, Gingerbread and evenfroyoIf you haveany doubts regarding root like What is Root? Whatis BusyBox? How toroot my phone? How to Root Check? All thequestions will be answeredin the application. Also, if you haveany question's that you wantto know but are not there in Info,It's very easy, download theapplication, go to Info Screen, Scrolldown to the bottom and selectthe yellow FAQ card, now you send usa question regarding Root andwe'll answer it within 2 days.KEYFEATURES- Offline BusyboxInstaller- Get Root Check results- VerifyBusybox installation-Check if any superuser app like SuperSU,SuperUser or Kingroot isinstalled- Find su binary location- Findbusybox binary location-Find SELinux status- Check Build Info likeDevice Name, brand name,hardware, model, cpu etcDO YOU WANT MOREINFORMATION ABOUT ROOT ANDBUSYBOX IN YOUR PHONE?Buy PRO (RootChecker Advanced Premium) foronly 1.99$. Paid version unlocksthese features:-Offline Busyboxinstaller-More RootInformation-Fastest Root Check-More BusyboxInformation-Betterexperience-Find the best root apps-Get PremiumUpdates-No AdsHOWCAN I ROOT MY ANDROID PHONE?If you are finding howto root yourphone, try to search in Google or XDA-Developers forum,there arelots of useful guides to root your Android phone.The modelthat youneed to follow to find a good guide is something likethat:"How toRoot" + Phone NameFor example, if I have a SamsungGalaxy Mini, youwill search --> How to Root Galaxy Mini, and ifyou don't findit I can add more information ---> How to RootGalaxy MiniS5570I.Easy, right?Some popular developer forums whichprovide infoon how to root androidList of suggested Forums:http://www.xda-developers.comhttp://www.androidcentral.comhttp://www.modaco.comComingwithMaterial design, Root Checker Advanced is the best app toCheck Rootin you android. It is small, fast and gets the job done.See yourRoot results within 5 seconds. Don't bother trying otherapps, thisis the real deal!
L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT]
REQUIRES ROOT!!! (This app will not root your device)I AMNOTRESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE!!!What is LSpeed:LSpeed is a modification that combines tweaks inside anintuitiveapplication, Its goal is to improve overall performance,reducesignificant lags, and extend battery life.The mod will andshouldwork on any device that meets its minimum requirement.Youonly needa rooted Android device, Android 4.0.3 and later is neededfor LSpeed app to function properly.L Speed comes with a nice andcleanuser interface. Options such as tweaks are separated withsections,their explanation can also be opened with a long click. LSpeedalso supports changing theme colors, with Light and Darkoptionavailable to suit everyone's taste.Requirements:- Root(werecommend Kingo Root - White-listing (read below)LSpeedwhite-listing:You may also need to whitelist L Speed frommemorycleaning, autostart, hibernating or similar functioning appsorfeatures on your device.Here are the list of someknownfunctionality where you can whitelist L Speed:Samsung:Settings-> Security -> Auto-startSony: Settings ->Powermanagement -> STAMINA modeMIUI: Settings (Security Center)->Permissions -> AutostartHuawei: Settings -> All(Permissions)-> Startup managerThese may or may not be availabledepending onthe version of your installed firmware / ROMHow touninstall:Simplyuninstall L Speed and reboot device.Supportedarchitectures: ARMv7,ARMv8, x86 and x86_64Beta channel, joinastester: applications to open network sockets, required for - Allows an app toaccessROOTandroid.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Allowsanapplication to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that isbroadcastafter the - Allowsanapplication to read from external storage, requiredforbackup& an application to write from external storage, requiredforbackup& -Allowsan application to access networks state, required forpushnotificationsandroid.permission.BATTERY_STATS - Allowsanapplication to access battery statsandroid.permission.WAKE_LOCK-Allows an application to wake up device from deep sleep,requiredfor governor tuner andappservicesandroid.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS - Allows anapplicationto write device settings, required for aggressivedozeHelp withapptranslation: discussion on Telegram:
Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager
Clip Stack is an open-source project. This is the only OFFICIALapp. Promovideo: , by Max Patchs.If youhave any suggestions or complaints Please don't hesitate tocontactme at [email protected] . Clip Stack The easiest waytoextend multi clipboard for Android.✓ Free ✓ No-Ads ✓MaterialDesign ✓ Open-Source ************- XDA-Developers: Thedeveloperoffers up an app that allows you to control your clipboardandeasily store multiple links and copies.- Droid Views:Afterextensively using this app I must say this app is a truewinner inactually making it easier for us to freely copy text andthen useit some other time. - Android Community: The app is anopen-sourceproject and so it is absolutely free and with no adstoboot!************🌐 Unlimited ClipboardsClip Stack can rememberallyour clipboard history and recover text after reboot. It'saclipboard manager,a user friendly notebook, and maybe a tinyGTDmanager.You can easily copy, share, star, delete, and mergeeverytext.🌐 Works EverywhereWhatever phone, tablet, and wear,allAndroid devices are supported. 🌐 Powerful NotificationClipstack'snotification is simple and powerful. You can switch therecent 5texts just in notification. Notification will be displayedonlywhen copying new text and you can dismiss it by swipe orevendisable it by long press.🌐 PermissionUsageRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:Start a background service to listenthe system clipboard. It onlycost 4.5M - 6M RAM. You can close itin Settings if you reallydon't want it. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE andREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For export clipboard history. This app won'twrite any other filesto your SD card. VENDING.BILLING: Only fordonate. Clip stack is afull free app.------------ImportantNotice:Recently Google Playupdated its policy and normal apps areforbidden to use theAccessibility API, otherwise they will beremoved within 30 days.Asa result, Inputting+ may no longer beavailable on Google Play.Some feature of Clip Stack (floatingbubble, black list, autopaste)has been removed.Sorry for bringingyou inconvenience but wecan not do anything. MoreInfo:
This is an incredibly simple and small application thatprovidesonly the integrated circuit card identifier (ICC ID) of thecurrentsubscriber identity module (SIM) card. This number is neededwhentransferring from one network provider to another. It makesthetransition much easier without the need to switch offthephone/tablet to get this value that they require.To read moreaboutthe ICC ID, goto this is required to get the value of the ICC ID.Andnothingelse!
MIUI tweaking Xposed module
Xposed module for MIUI tweaking.For working it require installedandfunctional Xposed!You can find detailthere:!In free version of module available all the features ofthe fullversion, so you can evaluate them.However, changes to thesettingsyou have made will not be saved!
Holo Launcher
New Holo Launcher based on the Marshmallow stock launcher,onlyworks on Android 4.1+ devices.If you like the old Holo Launcherforyour old devices, please find it on the Play Store.BasicFeatures:-Full material design.- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9desktoppages and 10 x 10 grid.- Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons perpageand up to 3 pages.- Infinite Scrolling- Gestures: Swipe up/downondesktop to launch apps quickly.- Customizableshortcut/foldericons- Customizable icon label color- Apply iconpacks, support ADWicon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.- Long pressto edit mode-Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home keyaction, hideapps in drawer, hide labels, etc.Plus Features (NeedHolo LauncherPlus):* Unread count notifications for call, sms,gmail and K-9mail* Customizable notification badge color* Moredesktop gestures:Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap*Icon Swipe up/downgestures* Support Go Launcher icon pack* Moretransition effects*Widgets overlapping* Other enhancement andcustomization options
MTK Engineering Mode
This Application allow you to run Advanced Setup fromEngineeringMode Menu of MTK phones, also called SERVICE MODEItdon't need yourposition like Mobileuncle will work onlyon MediaTekbased Phones..Use the secret menu carefully.. if youdon't knowwhat you are doing... don't do it!!
AirDroid: Remote access & File
★★★Featured on Google Play in 30+ countries.★★★RecommendedbyPCWorld, BGR, LifeHacker, CNET, Gizmodo, XDA, Phandroid andmanymore technology media/websites.Delight YourMulti-ScreenLifeAirDroid allows you to access and manage yourAndroid phone ortablet from Windows, Mac or the Web, wirelessly,for free.BetterfocusedCalls, SMS, and the app notifications youallowed, mirroredto the large computer screen you are focusedon.Better equippedTypewith full physical keyboard and control witha mouse. Transferthings faster without looking for a cable. Betterequipments,better life.Better connectedControl your Android fromcomputer anduse any apps on computer, like WhatsApp, WeChat, andLine. (rootNOT required.)Other major features:1. NotificationMirror Mirrorphone notifications from any allowed apps to yourcomputer. Replyto mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,Telegram and Kik)from desktop clients.(Desktop client only)2.Backup &SyncBackup photos and videos from phone tocomputer.(Desktop clientonly)Share clipboard between phone andcomputer.3. SMS &Contacts managementSend and receive SMS, andmanage phone contactsfrom the desktop. 4. AirIMEUse your desktopkeyboard to type onyour phone.(Desktop client only)5. RecordscreenshotRecord phonescreenshot with one click, no root required.(Android 5.0+)6. SpeedboostClean memory and boost phone speed.7.Other phone managementfeatures (Web client only)Find phone: locateyour phone when it’slost.Remote camera: See through the lens ofboth front and backcameras.Apps & Media: manage photos,ringtones and videos,upload, install and export apks.Connect withour team and otherusersOfficial Forum: may not be able to respond toeachmessage, but we do read all of them. Thank you!Note: This appusesthe Device Administrator permission. It is used for the FindPhonefeature.
SystemUI Tuner
SAMSUNG USERS READTHIS: more convenient copy-paste: - adb shell pmgrantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS- adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS- adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.DUMPFor some reason,a lot of manufacturers seemto have a problem with us customizingour own devices, to the pointwhere some disable the built-inAndroid System UI Tuner.This appaims to fix that problem, byproviding a replacement. For the mostpart, this is a replica ofAndroid's System UI Tuner; however,there are a few extra goodiesthat Android's solution doesn'tinclude by default.Using this appyou can: - Control which iconsappear in your status bar (not everytoggle will work on everydevice) - Customize Demo Mode - Controlthe importance level ofnotifications (7.0+; doesn't work well onSamsung) - Enable somehidden features of Android - Toggle ImmersiveMode - Change QuickSettings options (TouchWiz 7.0 users can changethe grid size) -Customize animation speeds - And so much moreMostfeatures shouldwork on most devices. Heavily customized OEMversions of Android(such as TouchWiz) will have less available.There is nothing thatcan be done about this.MIUI WILL NOT WORK ATALL!TOUCHWIZMARSHMALLOW WILL NOT WORK AT ALL!Now for some notes: -This appdoes NOT require ROOT, but you will need to grant somepermissionsusing ADB (instructions in app). ADB IS NOT ROOT! - Ifyour deviceis rooted, the app will attempt to gain root access. Youcan denyaccess if you want, but you will need to use ADB to grantthepermissions. - This app should work on any device runningAndroidMarshmallow (6.0) or above, except devices running MIUI anddeviceson TouchWiz 6.0. - This app is EXPERIMENTAL! Certainfeatures maynot work on your particular device. If they do not,that isunfortunately out of my control.If you have a problem, visittheXDA thread, or email me. I check these multiple times perday.XDA: toAndroid Devfor thefeaturegraphic!(
SIM Card Info
SIM Card Info gives you all information on your SIM Card.SIMCardInfo supports Dual SIM smartphones if they run on Androidversionsuperior or equal to API 22 (Lollipop 5.1). Informationaredisplayed through 3 or 4 tabs. Indeed, you have at least onetabfor SIM 1 and a tab for SIM 2 if your device has DualSIMsupport.SIM Tab gives you all the information on your SIM Cardlike:- SIM State- Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID) alsoknownSIM Serial Number- Unique Device ID (IMEI)- InternationalMobileSubscriber Identity (IMSI)- Service Provider Name- MobileOperatorName- Mobile Country Code (MCC)- Mobile Network Code (MNC)-LineNumber also known as MSISDN (Mobile StationInternationalSubscriber Directory Number)- Voicemail Tag- Roamingstate- DeviceSoftware VersionA Device tab is offered and displayssome staticinformation on your smartphone or tablet like : Boardvalue,Manufacturer, Brand, Display code, Hardware of the device ortheBootloader used. Finally, the SIM Contacts tab lets you todiscoverall the Contacts saved in your SIM Card. With a long touchon aContact you can copy the number associated in yourclipboard.Youcan also export all the info of your SIM Card on a PDFreport viathe Export to PDF feature.Like indicated in the privacypolicy ofSIM Card Info, application needs READ_PHONE_STATE andREAD_CONTACTSpermissions to display you these information.A Proversion with NoAds is also available here:'thesitateto send me your feedbacks or ideas to improve SIM CardInfo viaemail : [email protected]
Purify – Speed & Battery Saver
Purify optimizes your phone’s battery life and speed up yourandroiddevice by terminating frequently auto-start apps smartly.It’scompletely free to use.How can Purify improve batterylife?Manythird party apps claim that they can save your phone’sbattery, butwhat makes Purify stand out?Purify Battery SaverPurifyBattery SaverSmart Save detects your battery life and adjuststhebattery-consuming settings accordingly such as yourscreenbrightness. In addition, you can manually switch over fromSaveMode to Super Save when your phone’s battery is drainingfast.Inaddition, we have programmed a complete set of rules tocontrolwhat apps and when should they be terminated to fullyoptimize yourbattery life. These rules are kept in the cloud andupdatedfrequently to fit every individual user requirements.How doI knowwhether my phone needs optimization?On Purify’s dashboard,weprovide a mobile score to indicate your phone’srunningperformance. If your mobile score is too low, you may wantto taponto one-click to see improvements instantly.Furthermore, ifyouare fed up of tapping the one-click button from time to time,youcan enable Auto Purify under the settings and Purify will stillberunning in the background, terminating apps whenevernecessary.Whatother benefits do I have when using Purify?Purify Apkis able tohelp you archive all your notifications in batches,making yournotifications bar look organized and neat.Try Purifytoday tooptimize your Android phone, save battery, speed up yourandroidand remove unwanted bloatware. If you have any feedbacks,pleasedon’t hesitate to leave us a comment. *This app usesAccessibilityservices. Accessibility Service permission is enablingto clean upbackground processes and archive notifications fromnotificationbar automatically.Download noticeWe only publish PurifyApk onGoogle Play, and our only official websiteis If you find another different package onadifferent site, please DO NOT download. You may kindly reportspamto our mail address [email protected] you.
My SIM Toolkit Manager
My SIM is very easy and fast to view SIM card information. ImportorExport and Delete or Add new Phone number. Sent message or makeacall from this app. My SIM Toolkit Manager An application thathelpsmanage the SIM card easily. Facilitate the management ofinformationon the SIM card by manage your contacts. And providesinformationthat is useful. I hope My SIM will help facilitateadequate anduseful to users. Ability to manage the SIM cardeasily.★★★ SIM CARDINFORMATION ★★★★ Device Id (IMEI/MEID/ESN).★IMEI SV.★ Networktype.★ Active Roaming.★ Network provider.★ Phonetype.★ SIM Serialnumber.★ SIM Operator.★ SIM Country of origin.★SIM IMSI.★★★ MAINFEATURE ★★★★ View card★ View all contacts storedon the SIM card.★Search contacts★ Add contacts★ Remove or deletethe contact list.★Modify the contact's information.If you likethis app don't forgetrate 5 star ★★★★★ or review. Thank you somuch.
SIM Card Details
SIMPLE APP to View yourSIM/PhoneInformation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dual SIMsupportedadded, you can see Both Network and SIM information abouteachcardSupport for SIM contacts added, you can View,EDIT andDeletecontacts on the SIM. and Save ittoPhone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Serial Number (the oneonthe back of your sim card) Deveice Software Version IccCardInformation Phont type (GSM or CDMA or SIP) Operator Name (Codeand Full Name) SIMcardState(Unknown,ABSENT,PIN_REQUIRED,PUK_REQUIRED,NETWORK_LOCKED,Ready)Phone NUmber Voice Number Subscriber ID (IMSI)AndNetworkinformation like, NETWORKTYPE(GPRS,EDGE,UMTS,CDMA,EVDO_0,EVDO_A,1xRTT,HSDPA,HSUPA,HSPA,IDEN,EVDO_B,LTE,EHRPD,HSPAP)DataConnectivity ("No traffic","receiving IP PPP traffic","sendingIPPPP traffic","sending and receiving","Data connection is active,butphysical link is down")DataState(Unknown/Connected/Disconnected/Connecting) Roaming (YesorNO) Operator Name (full and code )WiFi Information, State,RSSI,Link Speed, Net ID, Metered Hint, Frequency, etcGalaxy YDuo,Galaxy Duo, Micromax duo and HTC duos Add Pakistan Sim CheckbyCNIC IDYou can also, adjust the font Copy all Codes SharetoApps.Key Features, Sim card, IMEI , 89 numbers on the back.
Lineage Downloader
DON'T INSTALL THIS APP IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ISLINEAGEOS!LineageDownloader it's an advanced updater that helpsLineageOS users tostay ever up to date with their favourite AndroidROM. It supportsonly devices officially supported by LineageteamNow with Deltaupdates and Material Design!Features andDifferences withintegrated updater:*Simple and nice UserInterface*Changelog ofcurrent, old and next builds*Delta or Fullupdatesavailable*Automatic Check and Automatic Download of newbuilds (attime set by you)*Comment/rate a build (useful to avoidbad builds,uses Disqus)*Flash 6 additional zips in batch with theROM (kernel,gapps etc..)*Download gapps from the app*Auto-Deleteoldbuilds*Auto-Delete old backups (unlockable on secondlaunch)*Hidetranslations in changelog*Share changes via Twitter andGooglePlusAdFree Version:*Automatic Flash of new Build (at time setbyyou)*Automatic Backup before Flash*Ads FreeIt downloadsonlyOFFICIAL buildsSome features need ROOT! If you want totranslatethis app in your language contact meThis app is NOTaffiliated with"LineageOS " Team.
imei info iphone
Here you can check your iPhone imei on model, size, color,serialnumber, coverage status, find my iPhone status, simlock andanotherinformation.EXEMPLEIPHONE 6S 64GB ROSEGOLDIMEI355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFActivatedYesRefurbishedby Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairsand ServiceCoverage ExpiredFind My iPhone ONiCloud StatusLost/stolenWarrantyStart Date 25.11.2015Warranty End Date24.11.2016Estimated PurchaseDate: 25.11.2015Sold By Click for buycheck!Blacklist status Buyblacklist check!SIM Lock UnlockHere youcan check your iPhoneunlock solution on model, size, color, serialnumber, coveragestatus, find my iPhone status, simlock Reviews andanotherinformation.EXAMPLEIPHONE 64GB 6S ROSEGOLDIMEI355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFactivatedYesRefurbishedby Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairsand ServiceCoverage ExpiredON Find My iPhoneiCloud Status Lost/stolenWarranty Start Date 11/25/2015Warranty EndDate24/11/2016Estimated Purchase Date: 11/25/2015Sold By Click forbuycheck!Buy Blacklist blacklist status check!SIM Lock Unlock
Battery Charge Limit [ROOT]
NOTE: This app requires ROOT access to work - if you don't knowwhatit is, it is highly probable that your device doesn't have it.Thereis no other way this app can work on non-rooted phones. Notalldevices may be supported as well! If your device is notsupported,please follow the help & support text below. Also, for more information on rootingdevices.The appworks when the device is plugged in and startscharging below themax threshold and will stop once the device iseither unplugged orhits the max threshold, completely stoppingcharging!The app is OPENSOURCE, with the source code found onGithub: Checkout theXDA thread for more help & support:XDA forumlink: request support for a device/issue, please open anIssueon GitHub and a developer will assist you soon!This app isnotresponsible for unintended behavior - though any changes doneby itare usually temporary and typically do not survive a reboot.
SystemPanel 2
SystemPanel does not "BOOST" or "CLEAN" your phone. We'vebeendeveloping Android apps since the original Motorola Droid(2009)and still have no idea what that marketing gibberish reallymeans.SystemPanel is a tool to let you view and manage justabouteverything possible about the goings-on of your deviceandvisualize it in an easy-to-understand graphical format. If youfindyour phone using excessive battery on some days, you can takealook and see what really caused it, how long individual appsran,and whether you were using them or if they ran silently inthebackground.Made in the USA. It doesn't phone home. It doesn'tsendyour info to anyone. The free one has ads, but they're prettyanddon't annoy. A cheap paid option is available to make themgoaway.Root access is strongly supported and enablesadditionalfeatures, but is not required. Root is especiallybeneficial toAndroid Nougat (7.0+) users because Google hasrestricted you fromseeing much system information without it.It'sbeta. Development isactive. Please feel free to join developmentdiscussion in the* Show active apps, record app battery, CPU, andwake lockusage over time to show potential battery drain issues*Draw prettyplots showing how you used your phone over time and howmuchbattery disappeared as a result* Analyze recent batteryconsumptionand device wakeups (wakelocks), showing potentialproblem apps*Manage installed apps, backup app APKs, uninstallapps, andre-install archived versions* View apps categorized bythepermissions they require* Disable system packages [ROOTrequired]*Disable individual services of apps (e.g. OTA updates)[ROOTrequired]* Browse all the technical nitty-gritty aboutyourphoneThings SystemPanel DOES NOT do:* Send your personal/usagedatato others* Display annoying ads that animate or pop-up*Constantlytry and upsell you to buy other apps* Magically cool yourphone'sCPU to increase performance. Lots of our "competitors"actuallyclaim to do this, and they supposedly even manage to do itwhiledrawing snowflake animations on the screen. Such an actshould--according to thermodynamics--heat the device up. And bydirectactual testing, well, it does.* Boost your phone. ActuallymaybeSystemPanel does do this, we just have no idea what thisactuallymeans, so we really can't be sure.* Increase your availableRAM.Android is designed to cache as many apps as possible make things run fast. Apps that attempt to keepRAM"free" is a demonstration of ignorance of the design andoperationof Android.* Randomly kill apps in the background. (Thisjustcauses Android to load other apps into memory...that"caching"thing). Our scientists believe this may be what the"competition"mean by "cleaning".This app uses Accessibilityservices.SystemPanel's "Usage" feature can optionally use an"accessibilityservice" to show you how much time you're spending ineach app onyour phone, and when you use them throughout the day.This isuseful for those with addiction disorders (and/or theirparents orlegal guardians) to avoid addictive use of thedevice/specificapplications. Use of this service is optional, andlike the rest ofSystemPanel, no collected data is sent from thedevice, it is onlydisplayed to the user.