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Christmas Carols 1.0.36
6 Christmas Carols with Karaoke* The First Noel* Silent Night* Deckthe Halls* O Christmas (xmas) Tree* Jingle Bells* Wish You a MerryChristmas (x'mas)
The most beloved children’s stories fromaround the world are together in one fun and FREE app! Over 3million downloads and counting!iStoryBooks brings to life your child’s favorite fairy tales, folkstories and timeless classics with brilliant illustrations, readalong text and voice narration that’s perfect for kids of all ages– no parents required!Little ones will love the vivid storytelling through iStoryBooksinteractive books that actually read themselves. Older children canread along with the narrator, getting a literary head start througha combination of text, pictures, and listening.Several titles are available in Spanish (español) too!Join the over 3 million parents and children that love iStoryBookstoday.Features:* Seamless page-flipping animation synced with enthusiastic voicenarration makes for a wonderful storytelling experience.* Monthly subscription grants access to ALL premium content.* All media can be saved to your External Storage.* New books are published every two weeks.* Parental locks allow parents to protect the content of thechild’s library, providing peace of mind for adults when adding andremoving content.iStoryBooks comes loaded with a diverse collection of stories fromacross the world. Cinderella, Snow White,The Ugly Duckling, Hanseland Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk andLittle Red Riding Hood are some of the classic fairy tale titlesavailable. Folk stories include Stone Soup, The Little Red Hen,Four Clever Friends and a Hunter, The Fish Snatcher: A Wolof Taleand Kumba Am and Kumba Amul: A Gambian Folk Tale. There is a largecollection of academic/educational books. Titles in mythologyinclude Children’s Ramayana, Hanuman Saves Lakshmana and Hanuman’sAdventure in Lanka.Helping you to create great memories with your children is what westrive for. We hope that you relish these storybooks with yourkids, and encourage you to check out our Facebook page
Halloween Story Books 1.0.32
Christmas Carols Free 1.0.31
2 Christmas Carols with Karaoke
American History Books 1.0.35
iStoryBooks is proud to launch our American History Edition on theoccasion of American Independence Day.This app is intended toimpart children knowledge of the culture and history of America.The app presents to them the profiles of heroes who built this"land of the free and home of the brave." It narrates to childrenthe great story of how America became a free country. Also, the appintroduces children to monuments in America of historical andpatriotic significance.iStoryBooks American History Edition is agrowing collection of books about the culture and history ofAmerica. At launch the app will introduce the following books tochildren:* Story of Christopher Columbus* Story of AmericanIndependence* Presidents of the United States of America* NationalMonuments of America* Story of Thanksgiving* George Washington*Abraham LincolnEach book is rich with beautiful pictures andengaging narration. The app comes with all the cool features of theiStoryBooks platform such as:* "Read to me" which when enabledreads books to kids* "Movie mode" which when enabled automaticallyturns the pages* Option to save all media on SD card* Userinterface designed for little fingers and inquisitive mindsAs weadd more books in the future, they will automatically appear in theapp. The app is essentially a growing library for growingminds.This Fourth of July celebrate Independence Day by teachingyour children the greatness of this nation. Impart to the nextgeneration the values upheld by America through this interactiveapp which is loved by hundreds of thousands of children all overthe world.For more information, visit
iZing Mantras 1.0.27
iMantras is collection of powerful mantras.Inaddition to the rendering of the mantras, the app includesdeep,soothing music and colorful, vibrant visuals.Listening to these mantras will fill your heart with peaceanddevotion. The soft, deep energy emanating from these mantrasisideal for meditation. As you listen to the mantras everydayyouwill notice that the peace that you feel when you listen toitstays with you even when you are not listening to it and whileyouconduct your day-to-day activities.You can listen to these mantras in a variety of ways. Wesuggestone of the following methods to listen to these mantras.Choose themethod that suits best your temparament in any givenmoment:* Relaxed listening: Simply listen to the mantras. Letthemantras enter your ears as a gentle breeze would.* Active listening: Actively listen to the mantras. Payattentionto the sound of each mantra. Or become aware of thesilence betweenthe mantras. Or try to listen to the mantras withyour whole body.Let the mantras enter your system through allparts of yourbody.* Participatory listening I: After you hear each mantra trytorepeat that mantra.* Participatory listening II: After you hear each mantrachantyour own mantra, if you have one (that is, the mantra youreceivedfrom your Guru). Or you can respond to each mantra withthefollowing mantras based on the deity:Sri Ganesha: Aum Ganeshaya NamahaSri Siva: Aum Sivaya NamahaSri Vishnu: Aum Vishnave NamahaMaha Lakshmi: Aum Maha Laksmhyayi NamahaSri Rama: Aum Ramaya NamahaSri Hanuman: Aum Hanumate NamahaFor example, if you are listening to Ganesha's 108 names,afteryou hear each name, respond "Aum Ganeshaya Namaha."Presently we have the following mantras:* 108 Names of Sir Ganesha* 108 Names of Sri Siva* 108 Names of Sri Vishnu* 108 Names of Maha Lakshmi* 108 Names of Rama* 108 Names of Hanuman* 1000 Names of Vishnu or Vishu Sahasra Namavali. The thousandnamesof Lord Vishnu are chanted such that each name is chanted asamantra. This is a rare rendering of the 1000 names. Thisisdifferent from the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram in which theentireset of 1000 names is chanted as a poem. In this album you canheareach of the thousand names distinctively.Each of the above set of mantras is accompanied byinvocationmantras and music.