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Frogger TV 1.0.6
One of the top selling video games of all time just got better onGoogle TV!FEATURES-Classic game play tailored to work on your Google TV!-HD Graphics-Facebook enabled!
Contra 4: Redux 1.0
Suit up and prepare for war in Contra 4:Redux!In the familiar battle torn jungle something still stirs that mustbe dealt with. Earths finest soldiers are called upon to be theuniverse’s greatest warriors. Victory is our only chance atsurvival.
Frogger 1.1.7
***NOW 100% AD FREE!***Frogger the long standing arcade classic is now available foryour Android smart phone! Jump past cars and trucks on the road andhitch a ride on logs and turtles while crossing the river.Enjoy the latest rendition of Frogger which captures the game playof the arcade original all in the palm of your hand. Frogger forAndroid connects you with your friends while you enjoy this classicgame. Watch, in game, as you jump past your friends using OpenFeint surpassing their high scores. Upload high scores and viewyour friend’s high scores.Are you the best Frogger player out there? Can you beat theWorld Record mark of 896,980 points? Can you beat your friends?Download Frogger now and find out.FEATURES-Cars, logs, turtles, alligators, and other classic Froggerfriends/foes-Classic arcade-style game play with multiple control options(swipe/touch/tilt)-Graphics - New and classic graphic options-Open Feint – Compete with local, friends, and global leaderboards-Achievements – Collect all 10 achievements
Frogger - FREE 1.1.5
UPDATE:- Fixed black screen crash- Support for MOTOROLA XOOM added------------------------------------------------One of the top selling video games of all time just got betteron Android!FEATURES-Classic game play with multiple control (swipe/touch/joystick ontablets)-HD Graphics-OpenFeint Enabled – Compete with friends via leaderboards andachievements*Free play of Frogger is supported by advertising*
Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket 1.11.2
Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Trading Card GameEnter the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe with the fast and fun spin-offYu-Gi-Oh! BAM. This online Trading Card Game (TCG) featuresintuitive rules and an addictive gameplay, making it easy toprogress through levels., Beware - it will take strategy, skill,and luck to become a true BAM master!Explore an exclusive storyline where you can challenge yourfriends, customize a Deck from over 500 specially adapted Cards,collect rewards, and Duel Opponents of all abilities. Whether youhave two minutes or two hours to play, just hit BAM!The heart of the Cards is now on your mobile device! Summon yourcourage and prepare for battle in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket! ThisTrading Card Game has it all—create your own unique deck anddevelop unbeatable strategies, play against your friends, or evencompete against Duelists from all around the world.Can you dominate the Duel Arena?EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF THE CARDSBecome the ultimate Duel Master by building your own unique deckfrom a selection of over 500 original and legendary Yu-Gi-Oh!Cards. Enhance your Deck by combining unused Cards to createstronger and rarer Cards. Challenge your friends and rivals anddominate the Duel Arena with your skills and unrivaledexpertise!KEY FEATURES• Train and compete against your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters inan exclusive storyline.• Construct your own unique Deck from a selection of over 500Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.• Build a powerful Deck and compete against your friends and rivalsin the Duel Arena.• Exchange special Gifts and tips with your friends!• Explore the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! and unlock new Challenges andmaps!• Collect Rare and Legendary Cards to Boost your Deck'sstrength!• Use Recipes to create stronger Cards through the Card Craftingsystem.