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Agent Dash 5.0_747
Full Fat
RUN FOR QUEEN & COUNTRYThe ultimate spy blockbuster! Enjoyed by over 20 million players,sneak into the top secret action game from the makers of FlickGolf, All Star Quarterback & Flick Soccer.It's the most intense, explosive running game that you can squeezeinto your phone!"The pinnacle of the genre" - Pocket GamerDASH ANOTHER DAYTake control of the audacious Agent Dash or one of a huge cast ofheroes & villains, including the Queen!"The visuals are incredibly vibrant" - AppSpyMISSION IMPROBABLEYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat Dash'snefarious arch nemesis, Dr. Quantumfinger. He's worse than amegalomaniac, he's a SUPERlomaniac!LICENSE TO RUNSprint through the stunning world of Quantumfinger's secret islandlair, avoiding fiendish traps & pitfalls. Collapsing buildings,lazers, lava and more will block your path, but they're no matchfor Dash!"The design is impeccable" - App AdviceGADGETS GALORECollect jetpacks, magnets, cloaks and even slow down time! Upgradegadgets back at base and get the tools to foil any evil plot.FEATURES• Massive update for 2015• Perfect tap & swipe controls• Twisting levels with dramatic ups & downs• Explosive action, infiltrations & escapes• New characters with outfits & perks• Next-gen graphics• Awesome audio inspired by classic spy movies• Full HD resolutionJOIN THE FULL FAT COMMUNITYVisit: fullfat.comLike: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFollow: twitter.com/fullfatgamesSubscribe: youtube.com/fullfatgamesSupport: fullfat.com/supportNEW GAME ENGINENew tech means that we can create even more cool content for thegame, faster than ever before! Get ready for new characters,gadgets, community features & more in future updates.Follow FullFatGames on social media to be the first to get thelatest news!Please continue to rate and review the game. We read every commentto help us to create the games that you want!
Flick Soccer! 1.0.5
Full Fat
Use Flick Soccer's unique 'after-touch' ball control to try and hitthe target like a real Pro.Only Flick Soccer gives you this level of complete control andpinpoint accuracy.Featuring 5 modes of play, gorgeous graphics and an intelligentgoalkeeper, Flick Soccer really is one of a kind.Features* Full Fat Flick Controls mean everyone can play!
* Shoot for insane scores in Quickshot mode, it's you vs thekeeper.* Take it to the limit in Endurance mode, set piece action withbonus items!* Try out Challenge mode for the ultimate skill contest.* Have you got the accuracy to hit the bar? Find out in Crossbarmode.* Smash It! breaking glass panels against the clock.
* Unbelievably accurate flick controls for stunning top-cornershots.* The most realistic goalkeeper on the Android Market.* Interactive defenders will jump and react to shots.* Gorgeous visuals and immersive soundThis season there will be a new champion walking away with thetitle!What the Press SayTapscape: "Flick Soccer is a flawless handheld game."Edge: 
"Flick Soccer has a great way of getting players into thezone quickly, and keeping them there... in full flow, it canprovide a magical experience."Eurogamer: 
"just like Flick Golf, the tough part is finding thetime to stop playing."Pocket Gamer: 
"If you're a fan of flicking balls towardstargets - and, let's face it, who isn't? - this is the best way todo it."CONTACT:HELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIAL:+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
NFL Quarterback 15 1.4
Full Fat
THE #1 QUARTERBACK GAME RETURNS!Choose your favorite team and start the official NFL QB challengefor 2015! Get the Super Bowl XLIX Update today! From the makers ofthe NFL Kicker, Flick Golf and Flick Soccer.NEW SUPER BOWL XLIX CONTENT!Play in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona,home of this year's Super Bowl!MAKE THE PLAYSThrow to receivers, avoid being sacked, and make perfect playsand touchdowns for huge scores!Can you handle the pressure and responsibility of being the mostimportant man on the field?FEATURING ALL 32 NFL TEAMSThe most precise football controls on mobile give you the toolsto execute mind-blowing plays! Experience Full Fat's unique, awardwinning flick and after-touch controls.OFFICIAL 2015 NFL UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENTAwesome high resolution graphics put YOU in the action as theQB, with upgradeable stadiums and detailed players.FEATURES• Play in the University of Pheonix Stadium!• Multiple passing options and routes• Customize your jersey, name and number• Level up and prove your skills• Compete with your friends• Upgrade your stadium• Challenging missions to test your QB ability• Amazing HD graphics and realistic weather• All 32 NFL teams• Official 2015 Nike uniforms and equipmentCONTACTHELP: fullfat.com/supportVISIT: fullfat.comSOCIALLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Flick Golf World Tour 2.4
Full Fat
GOLF REINVENTEDFlick your balls to sink a perfect hole-in-one! Add spin and curveusing our signature after-touch controls. It's the most fun you canhave on the fairway!"Impossible to put down" - EurogamerTHREE AWESOME GAME MODESBeat high scores across 15 beautiful courses set in amazinglocations across the globe. Have a Quickshot, embark on a WorldTour and more!WATCH OUT FOR HAZARDSBunkers, trees, water and wind will test your mettle as you drivefor the high score.REMASTERED FOR NEW DEVICESSmash the brand new game mode, Eliminator! How many consecutivehole-in-ones can you hit? Share scores with your friends andcompete to be the true master of Flick Golf. It's perfect onefinger gameplay!NEXT GENERATION ARCADE SPORTNow with cutting-edge Full HD graphics."Full Fat has picked up the ball-flicking baton from PikPok, laidit on the ground & taken a 9 iron to it." - Pocket GamerFEATURES• The best ball control from tee to hole• Innovative aftertouch for in-flight spin and curve• 15 gorgeous golf courses to master• 3 great game modes, including the new Eliminator• Rewarding missions• Challenging variable weather conditions• Leaderboards and achievements• Full HD resolutionJOIN THE FULL FAT COMMUNITY!Visit: fullfat.comLike: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFollow: twitter.com/fullfatgamesSubscribe: youtube.com/fullfatgamesSupport: fullfat.com/support
Flick Soccer 15 1.1
Full Fat
DESCRIPTIONPlay the #1 Sports Game in over 100 countries, updated for the2015 season.Flick Soccer is back! The game Edge Magazine called a "magicalexperience."ARE YOU A FLICKING LEGEND?Now you can prove it! Your football talent will shine with FullFat's "best in class" flick and after-touch controls.Shoot for insane scores and compete with friends. Can you bend itround the keeper and score in the top corner?FULL HD RENDERINGEnjoy gorgeous graphics in full HD and strive for glory in sixfantastic game modes!• Full HD display support• Incredible kick and after-touch controls• Challenging achievements• Compete against friends• Shoot against the keeper• Curl it around defenders in set piece free kicks• Hit the crossbar and much more!CONTACTHELP www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT www.fullfat.comSOCIALLIKE facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW twitter.com/fullfatgames+1 gplus.to/fullfatgamesWATCH youtube.com/fullfatgames
All Star Quarterback 2.4.2
Full Fat
Lead your team to glory in the ultimate QBsimulation. It's about the game, the money, the fame. Can youhandle the pressure of the most valuable position on the field?BE THE QUARTERBACKLive the dream, call the shots in your QB life with real-timegame reporting, making decisions that define your career.Handle relationships with your coach, agent, fans and more.Train your abilities. Get drafted to new teams. Follow the twistsand turns of a real football career. Win it all.RUN THE SHOW• Awesome real-time 3D plays in games• Make game-changing and career-defining decisions• Work your way up the depth chart• Hit the gym in three workout mini-games• Learn new plays on the practice field• Impress your coach and the media• Hire an agent and win over the fans• Gain sponsors with missions and bonuses• Buy real estate, cars, clothes and private jets• Enjoy stunning high resolution HD graphicsWHAT'S NEW• Introducing real-time 3D plays in games. The #1 requestedfeature from your reviews.• New Time-Out mini-game to boost your performance before eachplay.• All new football stadium.• Seamlessly transition from simulation to arcade gameplay with noloading.• New Casino mini-games, play Slots & Blackjack.CONTACTHELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIALLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Flick Nations Rugby 1.2
Full Fat
DESCRIPTIONLace up, take a deep breath and Kick for your country in thisseason’s hit game, Flick Nations Rugby! Failure is not anoption.Includes conversions, kick-to-touch, hit the goal posts and moreacross five game modes!Featuring the legendary ‘flick and after-touch’ controls from FullFat as seen in Flick Golf, Flick Soccer and NFL Flick Quarterback.FEATURES• Kick conversions under pressure• Kick the ball into touch as close to the goal line aspossible• Hit the goalposts in the ultimate test of accuracy• Choose from 15 of the rugby world’s top nations, includingEngland, Wales, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand!• Interactive tutorial• XP level up system based on your skills• Superb high resolution graphicsCONTACTHELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIAL+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Flick Golf! 1.7
Full Fat
THE #1 GOLF GAME JUST GOT EVEN BIGGER!★ 2 Brand New Courses★ Option to unlock all courses★ All new medals★ Easier level unlocksNo clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to tryand sink that perfect hole in one. Watch out for the usual hazards:bunkers, trees, sand... and of course the wind!We’ve added our trademark spin control, created the mostbeautiful hole-in-one courses around and what you have is the mostaddictive Golf game ever!It’s not that easy, just madly addictive.FEATURES★ Try to shoot the perfect score in Quickshot mode.
★ Play World Tour, from the USA’s West Coast to Japan in the FarEast.
★ Varying wind from the lightest breeze, to full on gales!
★ Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control.
★ Stunningly realised 3D environments.
Think you can master the wind and bounce to sink that ultimate holein one? Many have tried, and failed, but remember – Practice makesperfect!CONTACT:HELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIAL:+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Flick Golf Extreme 1.4
Full Fat
Are you ready to conquer the most extremecourses in the world?Ready to tee off from grand canyons, icebergs or fighter jets -Flick Golf Extreme is the perfect adrenaline fix for your finger!DESCRIPTIONFollow-up to the most addictive golf game to blaze its way onto theAndroid Market Flick Golf, Flick Golf Extreme is incredibly simpleto play, just flick the ball and hit the hole.Our trademark spin control, combined with insanely fun gameplaybrings you the world’s first truly extreme golf game.There are no rules, no clubs and no laws in Flick Golf Extreme!Play across skyscrapers, an oil rig, aircraft carrier and more inthe most insane conditions you’ve ever seen!FEATURES:• Shoot for an insane score in classic Quickshot mode.• Play World Tour across the most extreme courses in theworld.• Try out the challenging Five Ball mode!• Gorgeous 3D environments.• See your ball set ablaze with amazing hole-in-one specialeffects!• Incredibly accurate in-air spin control.• Listen to your own music while you play!CONTACT:HELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIAL:+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Magic MixUp 1.7_716
Full Fat
Collect pets, mix potions, find stickers andpuzzle your way through a land of fairytale fun!From the makers of Agent Dash & Sugar Rush. Download this newpotion puzzle game today!Collect mystical pets that will help you on your journey and recordyour adventure in Luna's sticker book!Your quest takes you from a humble village, through enchantedcaves, a winter wonderland and beyond! It's the most magical gamearound!• Mix and match bewitching potions• Collect cute pets with magical powers!• Fill the sticker book! Can you find them all?• Defeat mythical dragons!• Enchanting hand-drawn graphics• A beautiful fairytale kingdom to explore• 100 thrilling levels to master• Play with your friends!Join the Magic MixUp community!twitter.com/fullfatgamesfacebook.com/fullfatgamesfullfat.com
Zombie Flick 1.1
Full Fat
DESCRIPTIONDuring the 1970s an incurable virus spreads throughout mainlandAmerica. With no food or guns to hand, it’s down to you as lonesurvivor to make the dead masses feel the pain.Using nothing but useless everyday objects, flick, dismember anddecapitate all that come at you to survive!Wrapped up in an atmospheric cinematic style, Zombie Flick willprovide a fresh and bloody challenge to gamers with the tastiestbrains.GORESOME FEATURES• 4 Survival Modes (Easy to X-Rated)
• Visceral slow-mo for truly gory money-shots
• Dozens of unusual weapons, from Frisbees and Vinyl Records toLava Lamps and Ukuleles• Loads of Zombie types
• Intuitive easy to use flick mechanic
and incredible 3D visualscomplete with dismemberment, decapitation and gallons ofblood!
WHAT THE PRESS SAY"If you like Zombies, buy this game. If you like games, buy thisgame. It's that simple!" 
Touch Reviews"Buy it if you love playing Zombie games! The graphics areimmensely good" 
Appyzilla"Easy to jump straight in and get to decapitating cheerleaders witha lava lamp anytime, anywhere; and for that alone I've fallen inlove with Zombie Flick" 
Appyspy"With stunning visuals this will keep zombie fanatics ecstatic andleave unique app hunters fullfilled" 
App Vader"This is the most realistic zombie game on the App Store right now.Need a zombie game? Get this one!" 
Capsule ComputersCONTACT
HELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIAL
+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
NFL Kicker 15 1.3
Full Fat
THE #1 KICKING GAME IS BACK!Become an NFL Kicker! Choose your favorite team and kick off theultimate kicker challenge for 2015! From the makers of the awardwinning NFL Quarterback and Flick Golf.Kick field goals with perfect accuracy across three game modes.Can you kick yourself to the top of the leaderboards?NEW SUPER BOWL XLIX CONTENT!Play in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona,home of this year's Super Bowl!FEATURING ALL 32 NFL TEAMSAwesome high resolution graphics put YOU in the action as thekicker, in amazing upgradeable stadiums with detailed players.OFFICIAL 2015 NFL UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENTUnlock modern and classic uniforms, and official Nike NFLequipment. Customize your gear and create your own Kickerexperience.FEATURES• Play in the University of Pheonix Stadium!• All 32 official NFL teams• Official 2015 uniforms and equipment• Customize your jersey, name and number• Level up and prove your skills• Compete with your friends• Upgrade your stadium• Kick field goals like an NFL pro• Perform coffin corner punts• Live NFL news ticker• Amazing detailed graphicsCONTACTHELP: fullfat.com/supportVISIT: fullfat.comSOCIALLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Coin Drop! 1.0.3
Full Fat
So addictive, it'll drive you mad!Bad Pennies have invaded the colorful world of Coin Drop andonly you can save the day!Bounce your way through 75 levels, rescue the girl Coins,demolish obstacles and solve puzzles as every clever touch of yourscreen sends coins raining down on any enemy.FEATURES★ Drop, Spin, Smash, Bounce, Demolish and Shake, with Puzzles,Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and… much, much, muchmore!★ 75 fun-filled levels packed with imagination and variety★ Awesome audio and catchy soundtrack
Blocky Raider 1.7.183
Full Fat
Explore the blocky temple in one of thegreatest mobile adventures of all time. Survive pitfalls, spikes,traps, blades, lava, rickety rope bridges, ancient ruins androlling boulders... It's block hard!Join the Full Fat community:www.fullfat.comfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgamesyoutube.com/fullfatgamesfullfat.com/support
Sugar Rush 1.4.1
Full Fat
CRAVING SOME SWEET POPPING ACTION?Pick your favorite boosts mix, match candies and pop as fast as youcan to hit that perfect Rush.Featuring a brand new way to play, Sugar Rush takes puzzle games tothe next level.With delicious sweets to flick up or down, special and rare candiesto find, jackpots to trigger and a lot more, be warned: yourfingers are gonna get sticky!-------------------------------♥ Match & pop candies to get your Sugar Rush♥ Swipe up and down to make huge matches♥ Find and pop all the special candies♥ Trigger Jackpots for huge rewards♥ Equip sweet boosts for even bigger scores♥ Challenge and gift friends in tournaments♥ Win prizes everyday!-------------------------------Go meet Baron Sugar now…POP 'EM FAST AND HAVE A BLAST!-------------------------------More Great Games from Full Fat Games:-------------------------------AGENT DASH • The most explosive running game on mobile!COIN DROP • A physics based puzzle game that is so addictive, it'lldrive you mad!FLICK GOLF! • It's Golf. Reinvented.FLICK GOLF EXTREME • You've played Flick Golf, now take it to theExtreme!Want some more…? Search FULL FAT GAMES on Google Play!-------------------------------CONTACTHELP: www.fullfat.com/supportVISIT: www.fullfat.comSOCIALLIKE: facebook.com/fullfatgamesFOLLOW: twitter.com/fullfatgames+1: gplus.to/fullfatgamesWATCH: youtube.com/fullfatgames
Flick Soccer Brazil 1.0.2
Full Fat
Think you've mastered flick games? THINKAGAIN! Flick Soccer Brazil is the hardest, fastest, most addictivechallenge you'll face this summer.Five world class game modes:QUICKSHOTIt's you VS the keeper in a fast paced showdown!SPECIALISTSet piece free kicks to sort the men from the boys.CHALLENGEFive gold trophies to be won in a test of precision.CROSSBARCrazy stunts for extreme sports fans!SMASH ITShatter huge panes of glass across the goal.If that's not enough, then kick back and relax on the beach withour Brazilian bikini babes!
Flick Quarterback 18 3.0
Full Fat
BE THE QUARTERBACKCall the shots. Flick Quarterback puts the guts and glory ofoffensive passing football in your hands. Pass to receivers, dodgeblitzing defenders, score touchdowns and throw amazing trick shots.You are the MVP.AWESOME CONTROLSThe incredible flick and swipe controls that have made users acrossthe world love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer are now powering FlickQuarterback.REWARD CHARTUnlock rewards simply by playing. Earn free boosts, cheerleaders,player upgrades, fireworks and even new game modes.FEATURES• Play as the Quarterback• Multiple passing options• Upgrade your stadium• Challenging missions• Stunning graphics and visual effects• Realistic weather with rain and snowfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Flick Field Goal 18 3.0
Full Fat
FUN TO PLAYBecome the ultimate placekicker in the new field goal challengefrom the makers of the award winning NFL Quarterback and FlickGolf.STUNNING GRAPHICSConsole quality graphics created from the ground up, withincredible detail in players and cheerleaders, beautiful stadiumenvironments and realistic materials.THE DEPTH CHARTKick field goals and punts with perfect accuracy across threeexciting game modes. Unlock rewards, free boosts, cheerleaders,fireworks and game modes on the reward chart.INTUITIVE CONTROLSFeaturing the legendary flick and after-touch controls from FullFat.TRAIN, UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZETraining mode with daily rewards, skill unlocks and playerupgrades. Customize the ball from many designs including flags,fire, ice, cheeseburger and gold!FEATURES• Fun football kicking action• Stunning graphics and visual effects• Player and ball customization• Compete with friends• Upgrade your stadium• Realistic weather, including rain and snowfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Football 2.5_296
Full Fat
Grab your cleats and run like a beast in afresh, fun football runner!Dodge the D, score a TD, kick the PAT.How high can you score?FEATURES• Easy to play football fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters• Different playing fields & weather effects• Compete with friendsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Rugby 1.3_72
Full Fat
Dodge tackles, score tries and kickconversions.How high can you score?FEATURES• Easy to play rugby fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters• Different pitches & weather effects• Compete with friends• Free Giftsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Hockey All-Stars 1.2.1
Full Fat
Want to be an All-star? Dangle, deke, andscore your way from the Pond to the Cup in this Hockey arcadechallenger. Compete against your friends as you skate, dodge,fight, and burn your way up the ice! Inspired by Crossy Road andSmashy Road, Blocky Hockey is your team's new tournamenttime-killer, perfect for road trips and downtime at the rink!Hilarious obstacles will put you in the pond!Are those little green aliens? Watch out for that UFO!Beat the goalie in a slapshot mini game! Top shelf or lowcorner?!Fight rival hockey goons! Punch, Block, KO!Collect all of the hockey cards!Log in with Facebook to challenge your friends!Play as a Pro!Can you beat the leaderboard's highest score?Go too slow, and you'll be flattened!
Golf Island 1.4
Full Fat
Have you ever played golf on a whale, hit ahole-in-one in outer space, or seen a penguin pirate ship? Welcometo Golf Island, from the makers of Flick Golf!Join Terry the Toucan on a golfing adventure with tropical islands,cherry topped ice cream mountains, dancing trees, and a giantpineapple.Meet loveable caddies, a toucan, a snowboarding polar bear cub anda friendly space squid in the craziest golf game ever made.You’ve never experienced golf like this!Golf Island Features:• Fun gameplay and superb ball control• Play golf in beautiful fantasy worlds• Meet cute caddy characters• Customize your balls• Play with your friends• Boosts, prizes and free gifts galore• Dancing trees, UFO hazards, fishing penguins, jammy bunkers andmany more incredible sights!facebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.comCategory
Blocky Soccer 1.2_82
Full Fat
Run, dribble and shoot as the striker in afresh, fun soccer runner!The most fun you can have with a ball, combining realistic physicsand humorous gameplay.Dodge tackles, compete in matches, win international tournamentsand hold your nerve in penalty shootouts. How many trophies can youwin?FEATURES• Easy to play soccer fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters• Different pitches & weather effects• Compete with friends• Free Giftsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Flick Soccer France 2016 1.1
Full Fat
Play soccer with ultimate control andrealistic ball physics. Do you have the skill to be a world classplayer?FUN GAMEPLAYFive addicting game modes including nail-biting free kicks, arcadestyle target practice, and showing off your soccer skills in thecrossbar challenge.REALISTIC GRAPHICSThe beautiful game is more dazzling than ever with all new graphicsfor 2016. New players and fields, different times of day, weatherconditions including rain and snow, new ball designs, uniforms andplayer animations.FEATURES• Realistic ball movement with physics• Award winning "flick and after touch" controls• Incredible graphics• Take free kicks against defenders and goalkeeper• Fast paced target practice against the clock• Precision shot challenge with trophies to win• Crazy soccer stunts for extreme sports fansfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Flick Soccer 17 1.1
Full Fat
Play soccer with ultimate control, realisticball physics and incredible graphics. Fun gameplay across fiveaddicting game modes including nail-biting free kicks, arcade styletarget practice, and insane soccer skills in the crossbarchallenge.The beautiful game is more dazzling than ever with all new graphicsand state-of-the-art special effects, including depth of field andbloom. New design, new players and fields, different times of day,weather conditions including rain and snow, new classic and prosoccer balls, even more uniforms and player animations.FEATURES• Realistic ball movement with physics• Award winning "flick and after touch" controls• Incredible graphics• State-of-the-art post processing effects• Take free kicks against defenders and goalkeeper• Fast paced target practice against the clock• Precision shot challenge with trophies to win• Crazy soccer stunts for extreme sports fansfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Hockey 1.5.2_299
Full Fat
Grab your puck and skate like mad in a fresh,fun hockey runner! The most fun you can have with a puck, combiningrealistic physics and humorous gameplay.Hit the ice and light the lamp with body checks and fighting. Howhigh can you score?FEATURES• Easy to play hockey fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters• Different rink surfaces• Compete with friendsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
All Star Quarterback 17 1.6
Full Fat
Live the life of an All Star Quarterback! Leadyour team to glory in the ultimate football simulation. Can youhandle MVP pressure? Live the dream as a QB, call the shots withreal-time game reporting and decisions that define your career.Handle relationships with your coach, agent, fans and more. Train,learn playbooks and earn trades to new teams. Follow the twists andturns of a real football sports career.New 2016-17 season graphics and design, new stadium and players,overhauled playbook system, improved tutorial system, recharge athalftime, better control of risks, new lifestyle screen, moreupgrades and items, girlfriend options, training linked to seasonschedule, press conferences, pre-game team meetings, options tochoose sponsors, new music tracks and more special effects.Features:• Full game simulation where you make the plays• Stunning new graphics for 2016-17 season• Make game-changing and career-defining decisions• Impress your coach, sponsors and the media• Buy real estate, cars, clothes and private jetsJoin the Full Fat Games community:facebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgamesyoutube.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Basketball FreeStyle 1.4.2_118
Full Fat
Grab your basketball and hit the court in anexplosive retro arcade game! Pass it, hustle through rival playersand rain buckets with over-the-top high flying slam dunks. The mostfun you can have as a baller, combining realistic physics andhilarious cartoon-style animation.Boom goes the dynamite!FEATURES• Easy to play basketball fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Dazzling alley-oops and slam dunks• Adorable characters to collect• Different court surfaces to unlockThe latest in Full Fat’s series of blocky games, from the makers ofBlocky Football, introduces a new twist on the “Blocky Sports”formula. Focus on reflex passing, then score precision 3-pointersor spectacular alley-oops and dunk shots! How high can youscore?facebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Flick Golf Extreme 1.1.3
Full Fat
You’ve played Flick Golf, now take it to theEXTREME! Are you ready to master the hardest courses in the world?Tee off from the Grand Canyon, icebergs and helicopters in anadrenaline shot for your finger!“A striking visual experience along with the already greatgameplay.” – CNETTear up the rule book and play from skyscrapers, an oil rig,aircraft carrier and more in the craziest conditions you’ve everseen!FEATURES- Fantastic ball control designed for touch- Insane gameplay scenarios- Gorgeous 3D graphics- Set your balls on fire with amazing effects- Google Play leaderboards and achievements- New game engine with improved effects- Enhanced performance- Improved leaderboard implementation- New friend invitationsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Snowboarding 1.6_208
Full Fat
Hit the slopes and shred the fresh powder in arad snowboarding runner!Carve, grind, jump, and grab big air with tricks and stunts! Howhigh can you score?FEATURES• Easy to play snowboarding fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters• Different snowboards to collect• Rare boarders with themed slopes• Compete with friends• Free Giftsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Baseball 1.2_120
Full Fat
Grab your blocky bat and step up to the plate,we’re gonna play some baseball.Hit curveballs and fastballs, but dodge the paint bombs, in a fast,fun batting game. PLAY BALL!FEATURES• Easy to play baseball fun• Retro style blocky graphics• Collectable characters• Different fields & weather effects• Compete with friends• Share your #Replayfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Pirates 1.2_167
Full Fat
Shiver me timbers! Enter a cursed world filledwith action, adventure and humor. Meet pirates, skeletons andmonstrous sea creatures, discover gold and legendary treasure, asyou avoid deadly traps and hazards in an unforgettableswashbuckling game.Travel the ocean, unlock captains and commandeer new ships. Exploredangerous beaches, Aztec jungles and mysterious caves.Batten down the hatches!FEATURES• Fun gameplay and style• Explore perilous worlds• Avoid deadly traps and hazards• Sail the treacherous ocean• Discover gold and treasure caves• Astounding audio and voice overfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Marshawn Lynch Blocky Football 1.4_220
Full Fat
Rush, maneuver, and drive your way through thedefense in full BEAST MODE® as NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, inthis fast-paced running game!Tear up the football field as you run, tackle and smash through thedefense, with lots of fun and humor.How high can you score?• Featuring NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch• Bite-sized football action• Run Through the defense in BeastMode®• Collectable characters and playing fields• Retro-style arcade graphics• Compete with friends*Beastmode is a registered trademarkfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Blocky Bronco 1.0.2_123
Full Fat
Yee-haw! Go wild in a frantic mechanical bullriding game with hilarious bails. Take the bull by the horns andhold on tight, launching into a world of pain as you smash objectsin an active, physics-controlled environment filled with fun.Saddle up and become a bronco riding champion in this ridiculousragdoll game!How long can you stay on?• Frantic arcade fun• Ragdoll physics• Colorful arcade style graphics• Kooky riders with fun costumes• Crazy themed locations• Compete with friendsfacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Spin a Zoo 1.3_144
Full Fat
Build a zoo filled with adorable animals,delivered by train! Look after your animals with food and toys,build and manage your zoo. Spin the train, and complete your animalcollection.Regular train deliveries bring building materials, prizes andsurprises, including a claw grabber machine filled with cutecritters! Collect resources and construct enclosures to make comfynew habitats.Expand your horizons! Travel from the local pet zoo to America,Asia, Australia, African Safari, Polar and Marine Worlds, meetingfurry friends from across the globe in an original zoo buildingsimulation.• Spin the lucky animal train• Collect resources and find rare animals• Nurture and feed cute critters• Explore new locations• Meet the lovely Zuzie Zoofacebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com
Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 1.0_164
Full Fat
Exhilarating gameplay andultra-realisticaction, starring NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, inalarger-than-life football arcade game with over the topspecialeffects and stunning console quality graphics.Hit the field, spin and juke past oncoming defenders, smashthroughthe defense in Beast Mode and take it to the house!BEAST MODEBecome unstoppable and destroy the defense, as you chargeupfieldwatching defenders crash to the ground with physicsdrivenanimation.ELIMINATION ZONESWork your way through a labyrinth of defenders and obstaclestoprove your worth as a true running back superstar.TACKLE SLEDSTest your reaction time by quickly identifying gaps in tacklesledswith proximity sensing dummies.BREAKABLE WALLSUse raw strength to truck through heavy duty, real-timephysicswalls and blast them out of your path.MOVING DUMMIESBe quick on your feet with catlike agility maneuveringarounddummies without taking hits.INTELLIGENT TACKLINGTruck, jump, juke and spin your way to victory avoidingmultipledefenders with player-path prediction and tracking, makingyourroad to glory as difficult as possible.FEATURES• Enhanced for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL• Exciting arcade football gameplay• Ultra high quality graphics• Advanced physics character animationBe the M.F.G.O.A.T in mobile football's greatest of all time.YesLawd!facebook.com/fullfatgamestwitter.com/fullfatgameswww.fullfat.com